World Famous Pochampally Sarees | Road map to Pochampally from Hyderabad

World Famous Pochampally Sarees | Road map to Pochampally from Hyderabad

Pochampally SareesThe Bhudan Pochampalli Handlooms became very popular in the world. In the field of Handlooms the clothes waived in Pochampally has a special style of weaving.  One can easily understand the greatness of Pochampally style of weaving by came to know the issue that are exported to America for the decoration of White house which is the Presidents house in United States of America.

The clothes and Hankies used as a Turbon which are weaved by Pochampally waivers are exported to the Arab countries even during the period of Nizam rule.    They started waiving clothes in the Chitiki design at Pochampally from the year 1910.  The handlooms waived by Pochampally people are so popular on the names of Ikat, Tie and Die.  In the year 1956 the chairman of All India Handloom Board Kamalabai Chatopadhaya visited this place and suggested that instead of weaving saris in Chitiki design using wool, it is better to weave the saris using the silk thread so that the demand on Pochampally saris will be more like that of Banaras saris.   When the Chatopadyaya promised that proper training will be given on weaving Banaras saris for the handloom workers   then Karnati Anantha Ramulu and Manikyam Brothers came forward to take the training from Banaras. They went to Banaras and learned the procedure of weaving Banaras silk saris for a period of One year and also learned the printing using various colors in Tanjore.  After they trained properly on both weaving and printing they designed Three Silk saris using 10 pounds of silk thread which is donated by some great person with the help of Pochampally Handloom Welfare Society on weaving machine.  They are called as Pochampally Silk Sarees and they costs Rs. 70/- in those days.  Based on this experience the Karnati Anantha Ramulu started training some of the local handloom weavers in the making of the silk saris.  In this way, the Pochampally silk saris became famous and the art of weaving expanded to the other surrounding places around Pochampally.  The people in Mumbai especially the Guajarati’s love this saris in such a way that no marriage took place without Pochampally silk saris.

World Famous Pochampally Sarees

They weaved the saris in such a way that the total saris can be packed in a match box and the National leaders photos printed on the silk saris which are become famous and shows the greatness of the Pochampally weavers.  Another specialty is that the Late Prime minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi wears only Pochampally saris. By identifying the importance of Pochampally Silk saris the government of India has given a patent rights to the beautiful Handloom saris.  These excellent and attractive Pochampally weaved handlooms are exporting to different countries like America, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Belgium and so on.

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  1. Mr.Karnati Anantharamulu the Ist weaver of Pochampally silk sarees has demised on 26th Dec 2015 at the age of 85yrs. Hats off to his legendary personality who has created livelihood for so many weavers in Boodhan Pochampally.

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