Why Cherrapunji is called Wet Desert?

Why Cherrapunji is called Wet Desert?

Wet Desert

Since Cherrapunji has many deep valleys, clouds which fly over are cooled and start raining.  Wind is cooled quickly because of the southwest monsoon and also from the winds coming from east and northeast directions.  These winds hit the Khasi hills and the atmosphere is cooled.  But the rain which falls on Cherrapunji is not absorbed by the soil but flows down and reaches Bangladesh through the valleys.  Because the soil of Cherrapunji is full of limestone.  There is no provision to store the rain water.  Illegal mines, deforestation also added to the shortage of water.  All the small water bodies around Cherrapunji dry up by winter season and drinking water also has to be bought.  That is why this place is called the ‘wet desert’.

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