What are the places Annamaya travelled? | Importance and improvisation of places visited by Annamaya

What are the places Annamaya travelled? |  Importance and improvisation of places visited by Annamaya


Annamaya had travelled to many temples and wrote many songs on the gods by praising them. He had learnt the music and literature and wrote many songs on many gods. He had written the written more number of songs on lord Venkateswara and the next comes Narasimha swami. He had written many songs on the gods in various villages like Kadapa, Onttimitta, Nandaloor, Gandikota, Kamalpuram, Madupuru, Sambaturu, Kankagiri, Mandam, Nallaballi, Cheppali, Machanvolu, Thummuluru, Pedda Madiyam, Kona, Potladurthi, Chintakunta, Sidhhapettam, Kovelakuntla, Bandi Athmakuru in Kurnool district and Kadiri in Ananthapuram district. He had also written many songs on the Tiruvengadanahalayam in Hampi and he had visited the Hajero Ramalayam, Kalisapura Hanumanthu and Mulyamatha. There are many temples which are not looked after and they had come to a stage of extinction and there are many people who don’t know that Annamaya had visited their temples in their villages.

The Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam people had collected the information on the temples Annamaya had visited and they are exploiting the information to the people so that they will protect the temples. They are also writing the songs that were written by Annamaya on the walls of temples and there is Annamaya statue on the highway between Kadapa and Rajampeta. This statue is of 108 feet tall and we can go to Talipkaka which is 5 kilometers away from this statue. There is Chennakesava temple there and they had also set up a meditation center in the temple. There is Siddeswara temple nearby and there are meditation centers also nearby. Not even a single sloka is seen here.

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