Visakha agency village Lammasingi lies under the blanket of fog all through the year

Visakha agency village Lammasingi lies under the blanket of fog all through the year| Road Map to Lammasingi from Visakhapatnam

Tourists are invited with cool weather on the Ghat road when they are one and half kilometers away from Lammasingi. One can feel that they are in Kashmir because of the lowest temperatures in the village of Lammasingi. Lammasingi in Visakha agency is a village that experiences snow fall all the through the year.  Lammasingi is one place that records lowest temperatures in the state. Adilabad and Arogyavaram etc are the places that record lowest temperatures.  Lammasingi records less than 5 degrees even in seasons other than winter.  Sun rays fall on this village only at afternoons.

Geographical features of Lammasingi

Lammasingi is a place that has unique features geographically.  Tajangi that is six kilometers away from Lammasingi also has this type of climate.  Cool winds that blow from Chintapalli become stable at Tajangi valley because of dense trees and water resources.  Fog contains more humidity because of the water resources.  Fog travels from Tajangi towards Lammasingi.  Therefore climate in these two villages is different from the climate at other agency Mandals.  This place is situated at a height of 3,600 feet from the sea level and so the temperatures are very low.  Since this is a dense forest area, fog sometimes falls as big drops of rain.

Temperatures at Lammasingi as low as 1.5 to 4 degrees

Temperatures at Lammasingi are recorded two degrees less than the temperatures at Chintapalli.  In December very less temperatures are recorded here.  Lammasingi has the record as a place which records lowest maximum and minimum temperature in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  Even in midsummer season temperature never rises above 25 degrees.  Lammasingi is also called Korrubayalu.  There is a story behind it.  Earlier a person was waiting for a bus in the early mornings and became stiff due to the cold.  Since then this place is also called Korrrubayalu.

Good place for tourism

Araku and Borra caves are very famous in Visakha agency.  As these places are developed as tourist spots local people could get jobs.  If Lammasingi and Tajangi villages are also developed as summer retreats there would be good revenue for the Government and the quality of life of local people can be improved.

Road Map to Lammasingi from Visakhapatnam:

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    we r proud to hear a lot from u
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    Lammasingi is Andra Kashmir,vary cool place. it’s god gift to Andra people

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    vary cool place Lammasingi is Andra Kashmir, i came with my friends (ramu & raju& chitraj garu

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    i Surely visit this place in summer with my family, very happy to hear that there is a mini kashmir in our A.P.

    very happy to hear that….

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