Vanabhojan is a tradition followed by many Hindus in the month of Karthikam

Vanabhojan is a tradition followed by many Hindus in the month of Karthikam | Many interesting places in and around Hyderabad that can be chose for vanabhojan
Telugu month Karthikam is considered to be an important month for pujas, picnics and fastings.  Vanabhojanam or eating under trees is a tradition followed by many people in Kartika maasamVanabhojanam is a ritual followed to get away from stress, tensions and work pressures.  This is a way to spend a day happily with family, friends and children.  There are many beautiful and pleasant places in and around Hyderabad that can be chose for picnic.

Shilparamam:  Shilparamam is a wonderful crafts village situated in Madhapur.  This is built in 30 acres.  Cultures, traditions of people belonging to various parts of India can be seen here. Phone no: 23100455.

Golconda Fort: Golconda fort is standing as a symbol for historic and royal grandeur of 13th century.  Spacious fort premises are suitable for a picnic.  Visitors are allowed inside the fort from 10.00am to 05.00pm.  Entrance ticket is Rs.5 for each person.  For details contact on phone no: 23512401.

Zoological Park: Spread over an area of 300 acres this park is suitable for picnics.  Boating facility is also available in the Mir Alam Tank.  Rare species of animals and birds can also be watched.

NTR gardens: NTR Garden is the beautiful place on the banks of Hussain Sagar.  These gardens are spread over 36 acres.  Many games and toy train are available in the gardens.

Vanasthalipuram Deer Park:  Many varieties of deers and rare birds can be found here.  Deer park spread over 300 acres is very convenient to visit along with friends and families for Vanabhojanam.

Durgam Cheruvu: This Lake is situated near Madhapur.  Nature here is very beautiful with hills around and the lake between them.  Boating facility is available.  Suitable for Vanabhojanam.

Public Gardens: Those who could not afford to go to far off places with small kids and elderly people, can enjoy their picnic at public gardens in Nampally.  Boating facility is available for the kids.

Ramoji Film city: Ramoji Film city is a famous place which also earned a place in Guinness Book of world records is a famous destination for visitors.  Many games are available for the kids.  Bus facility is also there from the city.  Phone no: 08415 246555.

Osman Sagar:  Osman Sagar is also called Gandipet is a very pleasant place with beautiful nature and fresh air.  A day can be enjoyed here with family and friends amidst the pleasant atmosphere.

Other interesting places: Many other places like Indira Park, KBR Park, Sanjivaiah Park and Lumbini Park are suitable to go for a picnic.  Alankrita, Pragathi resorts, Ocean park, Snow world, Dola-re-dhani, Celebrity homes, Mount opera, Dream valley etc are also are the favourites of people.  A place for picnic can be selected depending on the financial resources.  Tourism department is offering various packages to Nagarjuna Sagar and Srisailam.  Interested people can call on 040-23450991 for getting more information.

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