Train Timings and schedules, Train Ticket Fare, Distance, Fastest train from Chennai to Mumbai

Train Timings and schedules, Train Ticket Fare, Distance from Chennai to Mumbai| Fastest train from Chennai to Mumbai
Indian railways have allotted 4 number of trains between Chennai Central/MAS to Mumbai Dadar Central/DR .
0655 is a train number also for Chennai Dadar Garib Rath Special. It travels a distance of 1274 kms in the duration of 20 h 15 min. It goes off the Chennai Central/MAS at 15:00 and reaches the destination of Mumbai Dadar Central/DR  by 11:15 +1 night.This train is scheduled only on Wednesdays.Fare for the travel is Rs.643 for 3A class.It is the fastest train from Chennai to Mumbai.

2164 train number is Dadar Express. It starts at Chennai Egmore/MS  is the departure point and Mumbai Dadar Central/DR  is the destination point for this train. 06:50 is the time it leaves at the departure point and reaches the destination at 06:00 +1 night. It covers a distance of 1279 kms in 23 h 10 min. It has daily departures and daily arrivals. Rs.205 for general class, Rs.403 for SL class, Rs.1076 for 3A class, Rs.1470 for 2A class, Rs.2480 for 1A class,  is charged.

1042 train number corresponds to Mumbai Express. It departs at 11:45 at the Chennai Central/MAS  and arrives the destination at Mumbai CST/CSTM  at 13:45 +1 night. Distance travelled by this train is 1282 kms and it reaches its destination in 26 h 0 min. It runs seven days a week. Tickets costs as follows: Rs.205 for general class, Rs.383 for SL class, Rs.1046 for 3A class, Rs.1440 for 2A class.

1028 number corresponds to the Mumbai Mail train. Chennai Central/MAS  is the starting point for this train and Mumbai CST/CSTM  is the destination point. It leaves at 22:50 and reaches at 03:45 +2 nights. 1282 kms of distance is travelled in 28 h 55 min. It runs regularly.Prices are Rs.205 for general class, Rs.383 for SL class, Rs.1440 for 2A class.
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