Tourist places in and around of Mysore | Mysore offers many interesting tourists spots to visitors

Tourist places in and around of Mysore | Mysore offers many interesting tourists spots to visitors


To visit all the important places in Mysore, tourists must stay at Mysore for at least 2 days.  There are many interesting tourist attractions in and around Mysore.

Famous Chamundeswari temple is located at a distance of 6kms from railway station or bus stand. It is situated on a hill in the out skirts of the town.  Brindavan gardens are at a distance of 28kms.  Capital of Tipu Sultan and historically famous place is at a distance of 18kms from Srirangam.  City buses are available from bus stand or railway station to these places from Mysore.  Maharaja palace and museum are situated in the middle of the town.  City buses are available to these places also.

Chamundeswari temple is situated on a small hill called Chamundi.  There is a fort and a big Nandi statue on the hill. This Nandi occupies third place in the list of biggest Nandi statues in India.  Distance between Chamundeswari temple and the Nandi statue is about 1km.

A building that belongs to Tipu Sultan is situated in a garden in Srirangapatnam. There is also a fort which is in ruins now.  Chennakesawa swamy temple is situated here.

Palace of Mysore kings is situated in the middle of the town.  On the other side there is a museum at a distance of 2 kms. This looks like Salarjung museum at Hyderabad.  But is smaller than Salarjung museum.  There are many interesting things in the museum.  This museum houses many artifacts collected from various countries.  Ivory articles are the special attractions.  Maharaja palace is spread over an area of nearly 200acres.  A circular hall which can accommodate more than 1,000 audiences has to be mentioned specially.

Mysore, designed and developed in the lines of famous cities in foreign countries is an interesting tourist spot. And Mysore offers many tourist attractions to visitors.

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