Sun Temple near Gwalior | Location Map of Vivaswan Surya Temple

Sun Temple near Gwalior
Vivaswan Surya TempleThere is a Sun temple at a distance of 20 km from Gwalior.  This is built by G.D.Birla in the middle of a big garden.  This resembles the Konark.  The temple is built on a high pedestal; it is designed with a chariot with 2 big wheels and 7 horses.  A marble statue of Sun God is present inside the temple.  The statue is very fascinating.  Beside the temple there is a tomb of Ghosh Mohammed.  This is a beautiful building.  Mohammed is a princess.  Mohammed has taught classical music to Tansen.  Original name of Tansen is Ramtanu Pandey.  He was born in a traditional Brahmin family in a village named Bahata near Gwalior. He learnt classical music from Mohammed. Tansen converted to Islam with Mohammed’s influence.  He became famous as a musician in the court of Akbar.  He wanted his body to be buried beside his music teacher.  Music festivals are organized in this vicinity every year.
Location Map of Vivaswan Surya Temple

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