Saraswathi Temples in India for Aksharabyasam | Vasantha Pnachami is a festival of Godess Saraswati

Saraswathi Temples in India for Aksharabyasam | Vasantha Pnachami is a festival of Godess Saraswati

The Goddess Saraswathi is been worshipped by all the people in a very sacred way. Her very appearance with the White Sari, Silver Veena in her hands, aksharamala in another hand, the peacock as her throne all these make her look beautiful and sacred. Many historical monuments say that she is the symbol of Non Violence and good education and so on. People used to believe that, by worshipping Goddess Saraswathi on the Vasantha Pnachami one gets knowledge and brain power and good education. There is also a belief that if children are done Aksharabhyasam on that day they get good education and reaches high position in their life. So on that day Special prayers and offerings are been done in all the Saraswathi temples where many devotees visit the temple and offer their prayers to the Goddess. Among those temples the famous are the Basara, Wargal, Kaleswaram in our country, Srungeri in Karnataka, Kutanuru in Tamilnadu and some of the temples in Kashmir.

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The Basara is one of the famous temple of Goddess Saraswathi in our country. The devotees used to worship the Goddess Saraswathi in the form of Gnana Saraswathi. According to the Hindu mythology, when Vyasa is writing the sacred Bramhanda Puranam he was unable to write about the Shakthi. Thinking how to write about it he sat in the meditation but of no use. Searching for the correct place he reached this place and sat at the shore of the River Godavari and started meditation. Then there appeared the Goddess Saraswathi for a few seconds and knowing that it is the Goddess with his sixth sense. He used to feel that as the sin on the earth is very high the Goddess did not appear in the full form and for that after completing the meditation he used to bring a handful of sand and placed it on the ground daily. After some days that sand turned into the idols of the Goddess Laxmi, Kali and Saraswathi. In order to give life to those idols Goddess Saraswathi appeared before the Vyasa and had preached him the necessary mantras and now she is getting the prayers in the form of Gnana Saraswathi.

There is the temple of Goddess Saraswathi in the area of the Kaleswara temple in Kaleswaram. The devotees worship the Goddess in the form of Maha Saraswathi. In this stream there comes another temple called the Prouda Saraswathi in Kashmir. The Goddess used to appear before the Sandilya who is the son of Matanga Maha Muni in the place called Saradavanam of West Kashmir. There the Goddess Saraswathi is in the form of Hamsa Vahini. In the recent days another temple which is built in our country is in Wargal of Medak District. The construction of this temple completed in the year 1980 and from then onwards the Goddess is been worshipped in the form of Vidya Saraswathi.

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Next comes the Srungeri Vidya Peeth which is very famous for the Goddess Saraswathi next to our country and it is in the Karnataka district. The great personality Adi Shankaracharya used to see the wonder that a snake is been giving shelter to the frog which is suffering from the labor pains. Then he became very anxious and decided to construct a Peetham in that place. That is called as the Srungeri Peetham. There the Goddess Saraswathi is been made with the sandal wood and later on the idol is changed to the gold by the next predecessor Vidyaranyulu. Besides Andhra and Karnataka there is also another temple in Tamilnadu called Kotunuru. The devotees believe that the Goddess is in the different forms of Aadi Parashakti in Calcutta, Sree Mahalaxmi in Maharashtra and Saraswathi in this place. The goddess is been seated on a white lotus flower and had a symbol in one hand and the remaining three hands consists of the Aksharamala, Talapatra Grandham, Amruta Kalasam. It is a well known habit that those who wish to learn music place the instruments before the Goddess and start their learning. Special prayers are been done every year on the eve of Vijayadasami.

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  1. This temple is in Tamilnadu which has history around 10th-12th century, and this is the temple where saraswathi is in meditating form.

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