Sakthi Peetam in Kolhapur | Road Map from Pune to Kolhapur

Sakthi Peetam in Kolhapur | Road Map from Pune to Kolhapur
Mahalakshmi Temple
One of the famous temples of goddess Mahalakshmi which is also one of Sakthi peetams is in the city of Kolhapur which is situated at River Panchaganga. This city is famous on the name of Dakshina Kasi. This was constructed by the Karandev who belongs to Chalukya dynasty during 7th Century which became a very sacred temple for Hindus. Some Lakhs of pilgrims comes to this temple every year from the different parts of the countries. Here Lord Mahalakshmi will give darshan to the pilgrim with an idol height of 3 feet. The people who are living locally called this goddess as Ambhabai. Sri Yantram was designed on the wall inside the Sanctum. The main specialty of this temple is that the idol of goddess Mahalakshmi looks towards the West direction. Every year during the months of March and September the sunrays will falls on the face of Mahalakshmi Devi which looks very beautiful. Every Friday and during the full moon day they perform special offerings to the goddess. In same way the priests will perform special Utsavas on the name of Kiranotsav on January 31st, February 1st and 9, 10,11th of November. During the utsavam days Sunrays will falls on the feet of the goddess. They will conduct special utsavams during Devi Navaratris. The other temples which are there in the temple premises are Lord Kashi Vishweshwara, Lord Karthika swami, Lord Sesha sai, Lord Sidhi Vinayaka, Goddess Maha Saraswathi, Goddess Mahakali, Lord Sri Datta and Lord Sriram.

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