Road map to Lonavala from Mumbai and Pune | Accommodation at Lonavala

Road map to Lonavala from Mumbai and Pune | Accommodation at Lonavala


Lonavala and Kandala are the two Hotspot places for the tourists.  The nature view is very attractive and beautiful. And especially in the rainy season the beauty is unexplainable.  It is from the Rushi dam the Ambivali resort looks very beautiful and comfortable to stay.

The valvan dam is there around 2 Kms away from the Lonavala dam which is the major tourists attraction for the visitors.  The garden in this place is very attractive with the full of greenery.  The water which is coming from the Thungarli is supplied as a drinking water for the people who are living in  Lonavala.

The water is very pure in this lake where even the stones underneath the water are visible.  The Lonvala is the correct place for the people who wish to live away from the city life and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with greenery and pleasant nature.

The Rajmachi is 6.5 Km from Lonavala.  As the Rajmachi fort is in this place it got the name as Rajmachi point.  This fort belongs to the period of Chatrapathi Shivaji.  This fort is very famous for trekking.  The Lonavala is surrounded with three side of Loyalu which are full of Greenary and the forth side is full of thick forest.  The monkey forest is another place which is nearby and the tourist have to be very carefull in order to reach this place.  Because monkeys are more in number in that place and they take away the food items which are there in our hands without any manners. From this place onwards we can have a view of famous film star houses.  The sunset point is another famous and beautiful location which is nearby Monkey point.

The express way, National High way and the rail are to be seen before sunset.  That view looks very beautiful and makes the tourists to stare at that movement for a long time.  The Rai wood part is one of the botanical garden in Lonavala which has changed into a big picnic garden in the recent days.  There are big lawns in this garden which are suitable for having Lunch along with friends and family members which is a wonderful movement and an unforgettable one.

The people who wish to visit Lonavala and Kandala has to spare at least two days so that they can enjoy all the beautiful places and sceneries that are there around the Lonavala and Kandala.

Where to Stay in Lonavala? Accommodation at Lonavala

The rent for the Budget hotel room per day is Rs. 800/-

The rent for the Standard hotel room per day is Rs.1200/-

For the Luxury hotel room per day is Rs. 5000/-

Atmosphere in Lonavala and Kandala

The atmosphere in these places will be pleasant through out the year.  The temperature in these places will be around 12 to 36 degrees centigrade.  The best season to visit Lonavala and Kandala is during the month of October to May.

How to Reach Lonavala?

Through Plane – The airport in Pune is near to  Lonavala.

Through Train – Each and every train that travel from Pune to Mumbai stops in  Lonavala railway station.

Through Road –  The  Lonavala is 62 Kilo meters away from Pune and 96 Kilo meters away from Mumbai.  There are many busses and Taxis that travels from all the cities to reach Lonavala.

Road map from Mumbai to Lonavala:

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Route Map to Lonavala from Pune:

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