Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu is a famous pilgrimage center for Hindus

Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu is a famous pilgrimage center for Hindus | There are 108 wells situated in the temple premises of Rameshwaram
Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu
Rameshwaram located in Tamil Nadu is a famous pilgrimage center for Hindus.  There are three important features in Rameshwaram.  They are taking a bath in the sea, visiting the temple and taking bath near the wells located in the temple premises.  Sea is at a distance of just a 100metres from the temple.  Sea near the temple looks like a tank without any waves.  So, even small children can take bath without any fear.  Another interesting thing is that the sea is just knee deep.

Architecture of Rameshwaram temple is another marvel.  Prakaaram around the temple is nearly half kilometer from one end to other end.  Inside the prakaram there is a temple, constructions around the temple and a vast open place.  There are 108 wells in the open space.  Names of these wells are Vishnu teertham, Chakra teertham, Koti teertham etc.  Theists believe that they can earn punyam by taking bath in these wells.  But devotees who come from outside cannot know where these wells are located.  So devotees take bath in the sea come to the temple in wet clothes.  There is an office situated opposite to the temple.  If the devotees pay RS.60 per each person, they will arrange a person who carries a bucket with him.  He draws water from each well and pours on the heads of the devotees.  The water in the wells is very sweet inspite of the fact that they are located just a few yards away from the sea.  After this devotees change the wet clothes and go for the darshan of the God.

Pillared halls at Rameshwaram are the longest halls in the world.  This temple was built and developed by the Sethupathi dynasty rulers who made Ramanathapuram their capital.

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