Pulicat Lake is one of the big lakes in Andhra Pradesh

Pulicat Lake is one of the big lakes in Andhra Pradesh | Location and history of Pulicat Lake
Pulicat lake
Pulicat Lake is one of the big lakes in Andhra Pradesh.  This is a salt water lake.  But the water is not very salty because three major rivers also feed the lagoon with their waters along with the sea water. Original name of this lake was Pralaya Kaveri.  Gradually it has become Pulicat.  Pulicat Lake is spread over 250km in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states.  The area increases to 460sq kilometers in rainy reason.  Sriharikota Island separates Pulicat Lake from Bay of Bengal.  On the southern banks of Pulicat Lake is the Pulicat town in Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu.

Pulicat Lake is at a distance of 27kms from Pottisriramulu Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh.  This lake is the abode to many birds and beautiful nature.  ‘Periplus of Erythraean sea’ is a book written by an author in 1st century in which Pulicat Lake was referred as one of the three ports in eastern part of India. Pulicat was also mentioned in the list of ports prepared by Ptolomey in 2nd century. In the 13th century, some people were expelled from Mecca because they refused to pay the tax to newly elected Khalifa.  They travelled in four  boats and reached Pulicat.

Later in 1515 a church was built here by the people of Portugese ruins of which can be found even today.  History also tells that Dutch people also migrated to this place.

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  1. Pulicat lake is largest brakish water lake,butiful scenary and water birds like pelicans,spoonbills,flamingos,heroins are feed and breed in winter season.A lot of different types of aquatic life live in the this lake its like fish,and frawns and crabs.

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