Places to visit at Shirdi, that have close association with Sai Baba

Places to visit at Shirdi,  that have close association with Sai Baba

Important places to be visited

Baba left this world physically on 15th October 1918.  The temple is the place Samaadhi of Baba.  People from the four corners of the world come here to have a darshan of Baba.  Daily rituals like puja, abhishekam and Aarthi for four times are performed here.  Baba’s paadukalu are place in the south of this temple.  Apart from the temple there are many places to be visited.


Gurusthaanam is the place devotees long to visit after the famous  Samaadhi Temple and Dwarakamai.  Baba was seen first time in Shirdi as a small Muslim boy of 16 years under this Neem tree.  Baba used to meditate under this tree.  He used to call this place as ‘Gurusthaanam’.   Baba used to say that he did penance in the house which is under the neem tree along with his Guru.


This is the mosque where Baba lived for 60 years in Shirdi.  This is very near to the temple.  Dhuni which was lit by Baba is still burning at Dwarakamai.  Ash from this Dhuni is given to the devotees.


Baba used to sleep in this chavadi every alternate day for the last ten years of his life.  The practice of performing Kakada Aarthi and Shej Aarthi has started here.  Afternoon Aarthi and Dhoop Aarthi were sung at Dwarakamai.  Every Thursday Baba’s photo, Satkaa and Paadukalu are kept in a palanquin and taken to Chavadi from Dwarakamai.  Even today women are not allowed in to  this Chavadi where Baba used to sleep.

Lendi Vanam

This is the garden where Baba used to go for a walk.  Once upon a time this was a big garden.  Lendi stream was passing near the garden.  So this got the name Lendi Bagh.  There are many trees here which were grown by Baba.  Baba used to water these plants personally.  Flowers from these garden are used for Baba’s daily rituals and for decorating the temple.  The peepal tree, the Nanda deepam under this tree, the samaadhi of Baba’s favorite horse, Budkhi baawi , the temple of Dattatreya and many more which are mentioned in the book Guru Charithra can be seen at Lendi Vanam.

Sai Museum

Hand mill used by Baba, Satka, Huqqa pipes, paadukalu, stone on which Baba used to sit, his clothes, blanket, a copper container Baba used to take bath , gifts he received, a throne gifted by devotees and a chariot (Baba never used these two) and many more belongings of Baba are displayed here.  Must visit for all the devotees.

Khandoba temple

A devotee Mahalsapathi has called Baba,  ‘Sai’ for the first time.  He used to worship God Khandoba.  Baba used to give most of the gifts and money he received for the maintenance of this temple.  Even now the successors of Mahalsapathi perform rituals in this temple.

Apart from these places the Maruthi temple which Baba used to visit daily, Sathewada, Cottage of a Muslim devotee who used to read Quran sitting at the feet of Baba, House of Taatyaa who used to call Baba as uncle, Samaadhi of Lakshmibai shinde who received nine coins from Baba are some important places.  The samaadhi of Baahukumbhaar who used to give earthern pots to Baba to water the plants at Lendi Vanam, the house of Mahalsapathi are some more important places. Devotees say that every inch of Shirdi is worth seeing.

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