Places to visit around Antarvedi with reasonable Cruise fare, where River Vasista meets sea is nearer to Dindi resorts

Places to visit around Antarvedi with reasonable Cruise fare, where River Vasista meets sea is nearer to Dindi resorts


Dindi Resorts are located at a distance of 80 km from Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh. These resorts belong to the State Tourism Department, Andhra pradesh.  Dindi resorts are built on the banks of River Vasista in 2008.  House boat is a special attraction here.  Since two years this place is attracting tourists from all over the state.

Till 2004 Tourism Department’s boating was available at the nearby village Sivakodu Lanka.  Because of frequent floods boating is now shifted to Dindi village.  Construction of resorts began in the year 2005 to attract tourists.  A big bridge can be seen at the Chinchinada village connecting Palakol.  These resorts are spread in an area of 2 and ½ acres.  ‘Haritha Resorts and Dindi Coconut Country’ board welcomes the tourists at the entrance.

This area is pleasant as it is away from the city and in the midst of greenery.  River Vasista can be seen from the rooms of the resort.  Swimming pool and house boats in the river are special attractions.  Boating in house boats is available for those who stay at the resorts.  This house boat has all the facilities like two bed rooms and attached bath rooms.  Four elders and four children can comfortably travel in this boat.  Chairs and teapoy are arranged on top of the boat.  Boating can be done from 09.00 in the morning to 06.00 in the evening.

For a full day cruise Rs.5,040 is charged for two families (two elders and two children make a family).  Rs. 2,940 is charged for 12 hours and Rs.1,890 for 6 hours.

Places of interest around

Famous pilgrimage center Antarvedi is not far away from Dindi resorts. God Narasimha swamy and Goddess Rajyalakshmi are the deities here.  Boats are available to reach in this place.  Sakhinetipalli and Sivakodu villages are also near by.  Vasista river merger in the sea near Antarvedi and this place is called ‘Annachellella gattu’.  The sagar sangam is exceptional.  The difference between the sea water and the river water is clearly visible.

In and around places of Rajahmundry and the banks of Godavari are very famous for cinema shootings.  The flood of shootings has increased with the construction of resorts.  Actors and technicians are also love to stay at these resorts.

Dindi Resorts have become a famous tourist center with in two years of beginning in the Konaseema region.   Tourists are thronging this place not only from Andhra Pradesh but also from other states like Karnata, Tamilnadu and west Bengal.  Many foreign tourists are also visiting Dindi Resorts.  Dindi Resorts occupy the first place of tourist centers who visit Konaseema.

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