Places of interest around Ajmer

Places of interest around Ajmer |Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Dargah and the temple of Lord Brahma in Pushkar are visited by many people in Ajmer
Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti was born in Persia in the year 1139.  From childhood he was attracted to spirituality and read many religious principles.  He came to India along with the army of Shiabuddin Ghori who came to attack India.  Chisti settled down in Ajmer after that.  He died when he was 97.  Shiabuddin built a Samadhi for Chisti.  That is now the Chisti Dargah.  Ursu is celebrated here in the month of Ramzan for 6 days.

Pushkar is a small village situated at a distance of 11kms from Ajmer.  City buses are available from the bus station opposite the Ajmer railways station for every few minutes.  It takes half an hour to reach Pushkar from Ajmer.

There is a lake in Pushkar is about 1/2 km wide and long.  This is called the Pushkara Teertha.  It is said that Lord Brahma was fascinated by the beauty and pleasant weather at this place and stayed here for 1,000 years.

While staying here he performed a Yagna at Pushkar.  At that time a flower dropped from his hand and fell on the ground.  In reality that was a flower intentionally dropped by Brahma to kill a demon. A big lake appeared at the place where the flower fell.

According to the Puranas all the holy rivers of India merge in the Pushkara Teertha.  Temple of Brahma is located on the banks of Pushkar Lake.  This is a very small temple.  This temple is open from 06.00am to 01.00pm and 04.00pm to 09.00pm.

There are many bathing Ghats in Pushkar built in stone around the lake.  Many temples like Varah temple, Badarinarayana temple, Atmeshwar temple and Ranganath temple are situated in Pushkar.

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