Nagalapuram, situated in Chittoor district is a famous Vishnu temple | Route map from Tirupati to Nagalapuram

Nagalapuram, situated in Chittoor district is a famous Vishnu temple | Route map from Tirupati to Nagalapuram


Nagalapuram in Chittoor has many specialities like the idol of Lord Vishnu facing west, (Generally all the temples have the main idol facing east), standing statue of Lord Ganesh,  Lord Shiva in a statue form, Dakshinamurthy and  Navagrahalu in a Vaishnava temple.

According to the puranas, Lord Sri Mahavishnu has taken 10 avataras for establishing Dharma. The first avataram of Lord Vishnu is Matsyavataram or the form of fish. Lord Vishnu is in Matsyavataram in this holy place Nagulapuram.  This village is situated at a distance of 70kms from Tirupati on the Tirupati – Chennai highway.


According to the Matsyapuranam the son of Sun is Vaivaswathudu or present Manuvu. In the before birth his name was Satyavratudu.  He always used to tell truth and Lord Vishnu was very pleased with him.  He wanted to give a boon to SatyavratuduSatyavrata wanted to see the beginning of creation.  Lord Vishnu has given him the boon.

Later, one day Satyavrata was praying in a stream.  A small fish entered his drinking water vessel and asked him to save it from the big fishes in the water.  He took the fish to his home.  By next day, the fish grew in size and the vessel was not sufficient for it.  Satyvrata transferred it into a big vessel.  Next moment it grew more than the size of the big vessel.  He then transferred it in to a river, sea and ocean.  As the fish was growing largely, Satyavrata understood that this was not a common fish and is God himself.  He prayed to the fish asked it who it is.  Then the fish said that he was Lord Vishnu and also said that the world is going to end in a few days.  A big ship will come carrying Saptarushulu. He asked Satyavrata to collect the seeds and medicines and also one couple from various living things.

The time of Pralayam has neared.  Demon Somakudu abducted the four Vedas from Brahma and kept them under the ocean.  It was impossible for Brahma to start creation without Vedas.  So he asked Vishnu to bring back the Vedas.  Vishnu took the form of a fish and killed Somakudu and returned Vedas to Brahma. Nagalapuram is the place where Vishnu returned Vedas to Brahma.  That is why the name of the place has become Vedapuri or Vedaranya Kshetram and the deity here is known as Vedanarayana.

After the calamity the new creation has begun with the couples, seeds and medicines collected by Satyavrata.  Thus God has fulfilled Satyavrata’s boon.  He was born as the son of God Sun in the next birth and has become Manuvu for the new Manvantaram.

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