Medak Church | Road Map to Medak Church from Hyderabad

Medak Church | Road Map to Medak Church from Hyderabad
Medak Church

The Christmas is celebrated very grandly every year because it is a mixture of two occasions where one is, it is the birth of the Christ and the other is it is the day when the church is been built and started worshipping the Christ. So the celebrations will be grand when compared to the normal celebrations. The pilgrims come to visit the church throughout the world every year and it is very famous and becomes mesmerized for the beauty of the temple and its construction. The people believe that by doing the prayers in this church every wish is fulfilled and at the same time the blessings of the Christ will be with them forever. There is no caste and religion for the belief of the people and so that is the reason why not only the Christians visit the temple but the Hindus also visit and offer their prayers to the lord Christ. By these pilgrims who visit the church and go, the place looks as if there is a festival throughout the year. The people who visit t he church feel to visit the church again and again. That is the specialty of the church.

Road Map to Medak Church from Hyderabad:
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