Maharani Suit and Prince Suit in Rambagh Palace | Tariffs at Rambagh Palace | Road (Route) map to Rambagh Palace from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Maharani Suit and Prince Suit in Rambagh Palace | Tariffs at Rambagh Palace | Road (Route) map to Rambagh Palace from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Rambagh Palace

Once upon a time in reality, it is a forest area. The queen in the year 1835 had constructed a small house for her maid Kesar, which is far away the town. After her reign, the Raja Ram Singh 2nd had made it beautiful with all the facilities and used it as his rest house when he went for the hunting. It is from his time only it got the name Rambagh. Later on he used to send his next son, 2nd Sawai Mansingh to the palace. His three queens along with their children spent in the same palace till his death. It is during his reign only the palace became very beautiful with all the beautiful verandas and gopurams and so on and formed into a beautiful fort. Later on in the year 1957, he himself changed the palace into a beautiful luxury hotel and it is the first palace hotel in our country.

Later on in the year 1972, the Taj took over the Rambagh palace and made it into a beautiful heritage hotel with all the facilities. The 104 rooms fort has been changed to 79 rooms fort and even the walls are been make overed by the Taj. The walls and the ceiling are been decorated with the Meenakari, Thekri and golden plates. Many of the international branded items are been arranged in the rooms like the lightings, Furniture made of Zardosi work, glasses, paintings and so on and made it very beautiful. There is no similarity for one room and the other room in the palace hotel. The total area of the Rambagh hotel is 47 acres with 79 rooms and is attracting the tourists a lot.

The rooms are been divided into palace rooms, historical, royal, grand royal, grand presidential suits. All these facilities are been made for the convenience of the various ranges of the people. Even the lowest range of the palace rooms are been decorated with the golden beds and beautiful wardrobes which looks very beautiful. The facilities of the plasma TV, tea and coffee maker and the mini bar are the common things in the palace hotel. The historical suits are been decorated with all the beautiful things where the beauty of the architecture and sculpture is been resembled. There are two sections in the grand royal suits like the Maharani suit and the Prince suit.

Maharani Suit
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Maharaja Man Singh had given the Maharani suit as a gift to his wife Rani Gayatri devi which his been designed by the London designer Haymonds. The palace will be very beautiful with all the famous designs and furnitures like the glasses, colored stone walls, and costlier furniture and so on. Even the Rajasthani paintings will look very beautiful. The bathroom which is built with the glasses on all the four sides is the highlight for the palace hotel.

Prince Suit

The prince suit will look more beautiful with al lthe beautiful facilities as that of the Maharani Suit. The drawing room will be more attractive in this suit which is been constructed especially for the Raja Jagath Singh who is the only loving son of Rani Gayatri Devi. The beauty of the gardens is been observed and enjoyed by sitting in the lawn of this suit. The terrace which is decorated specially stood as the special attraction for the whole suit.

The Surya Vamsi Suit is one of the grand suits and one has to watch that without fail. The greatness of the Rajaputras is been shown with the construction of the palace with the green colored Udaypur stones where the ceiling and the arches are been designed. One can enjoy the beauty of the Sahaghad Fort and the Aravali mountains from this suit. More number of famous personalities used to stay in this suit only. The second is the sukh nivas. This suit is designed with all the crystal Shandliers, the golden walls, Zari work garments, the suits which are designed with round beds are attracting the tourists a lot. Each and every construction and design resembles the greatness and the royalty of the kings of those times.

Tariffs at Rambagh Palace : The Palace Room for a day is Rs.40,000 ($800), Historical Room costs Rs.83,000 ($1660), Royal Room rent per a day is Rs.1,40,000 ($2800) and the Grand Royal Room  is Rs.1,95,000 ($3900). The above tariff is for couple/day. And taxes are extra. The tariff may very depend upon season also.
Road (Route) map to Rambagh Palace from Jaipur, Rajasthan

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