Mahanandi is famous Shiva temple in the state of Andhra Pradesh

Mahanandi is famous Shiva temple in the state of Andhra Pradesh | Route map with Driving Directions from Kurnool to Mahanandi
Mahanandi is a famous Shiva temple in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also a Mandal Kendra.  This village lies in the south of Nallamala forest.  Mahanandi is at a distance of 14kms from Nandyal.  There are 9 Nandi statues in a range of 15kms around Mahanandi.  These are called Navanandulu. Mahanandi is one of them.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Mahanadiswara.  Name of the Goddess in this temple is Kameswari Devi.  This temple belongs to the 7th century.  Lingam in this temple is flat unlike Lingas in other temples.  According to local people, a cow used to give milk to the Shivalingam that was buried in an anthill.  Owner of the cow got angry and hit the cow.  The cow stepped on the Lingam that is there in the anthill and so the lingam became flat.  One can see the hoof of the cow on the lingam.

Temple tank in this temple is the speciality of Mahanandi.  Water in the temple tank is crystal clear.  There are Brahma, Rudra and Vishnu gundams in Mahanandi.  Mahashivarathri is celebrated grandly here.  Abhishekam, kalyanotsavam and rathotsavam are specially organized on this eve.  Temple of Lord Rama and temple of Kameshwari Devi are the other places of interest for devotees.  Water for Mahanandi is used for cultivation of nearly 2000 acres of land.  Rice, fruits, vegetables and flowers are grown around the temple.

Route map with Driving Directions from Kurnool to Mahanandi:

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