Lord Subrahmanyeswar Temple, Mopidevi Location Map and Entry Fee

Lord Subrahmanyeswar Temple, Mopidevi Location Map and Entry Fee | Holidays and Timings of Lord Subrahmanyeswar Temple

The Mopidevi Temple is located in Mopidevi village which is about 70 Km from Vijayawada in Krishna-District of Andhra Pradesh. Lord Subramanyeshwar or Karthikeyi is the presiding deity of this temple. This temple is mostly visited by devotees during the days of Ashada Sukla, Naga Panchami, Shasti and Nagula Chavathi.  Devotees believe that visiting this temple and offering prayers here would relieve them of their pain and sufferings.  Devotees in large numbers throng to this temple every day.


Lord Subrahmanyeswar Temple Working days and Holidays: Open on all days


Lord Subrahmanyeswar Temple Timings:


Lord Subrahmanyeswar Temple Entry Fee:                                N/A


Location Map of Lord Subrahmanyeswar Temple:

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