Important tourist places in and around Goa | Road (route) map from Mumbai to GOA

Important tourist places in and around Goa | Road (route) map from Mumbai to GOA


The Vascodagama which is the capital Goa during the time of Portuguese is called as Goa in the present.  The three cities called Vascodagama, Panaji and Madagamp are in a triangular shape.  Among these three the cities Panaji and Vasco are on the seashore with the distance of 30 Kilo meters each.  The Madagamp city is around 25 Kilo meters in distance from the shore.

Around the sea cost the hills which are induced inside the ocean divided the coast into two parts.  Even though the entire sea coast has only one ocean, it is called with different names to each and every part available between two hills.  There are five beaches to the southern part of Vascodagama which is called as Northern Goa.  The places to be seen are these beaches only.  The places to be seen which looks very attractive are the hills which are situated far to the city, Mangesh which is in between Forests, Santa Darga temples.

In the part of city where the Vascomo is touched to the places there are lot many churches which are constructed at the time of Portuguese rule.  Among those Churches Saint Francis church is famous. A harbor is situated in between the Vasco and Panaji.  There a lot many lodges and hotels which provides services to the tourists of all the ranges from Middle class to High class and the tour packages which are operated by the various tourist operators to facilitate the tourists.  The people where we have taken the Lodge will provide even the to and fro package tours. In this package they will be shown the Northern side of Goa in one day and southern part of Goa in another day.   The places to be shown as part of the Northern Goa package are the Beaches, temples which are far to the city, Churches which are in the middle of the city.  Coming to the Southern Goa tourism package they will show all the beaches from morning to evening.   One more specialty is that the motor bikes are available for hire to see all the places in Goa on our own.

Road (route) map from Mumbai to GOA

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