Important Places for sightseeing in and around Pondicherry | Road map to Pondicherry from Chennai

Important Places for sightseeing in and around Pondicherry | Road map to Pondicherry from Chennai

PondicherryThe Pondicherry is now called as Puducherry. The places like the surrounding areas of Puducherry, the West of the city Nagapatnam, called the Karthekal which is on the banks of the river in Tamilnadu, the Mahe city which is on the west of the Kozhikode on the shores of Kerala, the Yanam which is besides the Kakinada town used to be under the control of the French in those days. That is why, in these four places the British government had no relation or command. So in order to rescue from the punishments that are given by the British, the people used to go to the Pondicherry. In that way only one of the personality in the Terrorist Movement, Aravind Gosh who fought against the British, used to go to the Pondicherry and later on settled there. Later on he had taken the Sanyasam and changed in to a great scholar of preaching’s and became very famous. In that way the city Pondicherry got good name and fame. One of the French lady joined him as his student and became famous under the name ‘Matru Sree’.

After India got Independence, and as the French too left the place, the places and cities which are under the control of the French like Pondicherry, Karthekal, Mahe, Yanam are formed in to a regional state, and Puducherry became the capital. The Aravinda Ashram in Pondicherry is very famous and many people came to know about it by reading in the books and thought that it will be in the form of an Ashram where the Sanyasis used to do meditation for the god. But the Aravinda Ashram is a two storied like building like terrace in a street which is very widen and comfortable to walk. Matrusree used to think that one Viswa Manava Kendram is to be built where all the people used to live as one without having any differences of caste and religion.

For that she selected a wide and spacious land which is 10 Km away from the Pondicherry and named it as Auroville, which is like a village. In order to make the ground self employed, she also arranged some of the industries. But now, the Auroville has become like a big forest without any life in it. There is an official building of the French in the Pondicherry and now it is the House of the Governor. In order to visit that house there must be permission from the officials in these days. Though Puducherry is at the banks of the ocean there is no beach. One can have a look at the city by standing at the shore of the ocean. There is a park like place in the center of the city. There we can find the idols of Lord Vishnu in the form of Varaha, Goddess Aadi Laxmi and Bhudevi. There is an idol of the Gandhi which is built in remembrance of his death at the shore of the ocean. There are direct bus facilities from all the cities like Chennai to reach Pondicherry.

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