How to reach Wayanad? | Accommodation at Wayanad | Journey from Kozhikode (Calicut) to Wayanad

How to reach Wayanad? | Accommodation at Wayanad | Journey from Kozhikode(Calicut) to Wayanad

How to reach Wayanad?

Airport: One can reach the Wayanad on the road way if we come from Kochi or Kozhikode from the airport. The city is 300 km from the Kochi and 100 km from the Kozhikode.

Nearest Railway Station to Wayanad: There is a Kozhikode railway station from the Wayanad.


Where to stay in Wayanad? Accommodation at Wayanad

The holiday resorts and jungle retreats Wayanad which remember the tribal Atmosphere are located at the Tolpet and Calpet areas. The normal stay is Rs. 200 per person and for the star hotel rooms the rent is Rs. 1200 to Rs.12,000 depending on the type of the room that is selected.


What to see in and around Wayanad?

The site seeing places in the city are as follows: Bananura sagar dam, Chembra peak, Eddakal cave, Kuruva island, Lakkidi, Matunga wild life sanctuary, Pakshipadalam, Pajashi tourist resort, Pukat lake, Meenmutti water falls, Centinal lake water falls, Suchipara water fall and so on.

Journey from Kozhikode(Calicut) to Wayanad

The Kozhikode and the Wayanad are besides each other. The time of journey is two hours and it is the area completely where the tribal people live. The Wayanad hill station is around 7000 feet high. As we reach the hill the coconut trees that are grown on the hills make us feel as if they are taken by hand as if they are so near to our hands. The hill is full of greenery and there are number of shades in the greenery which looks very beautiful. There are a variety of trees like mango, coconut, poka, coffee, tea, elachi, pepper, cloves and so on the hill. The Western Ghats look more beautiful than the Eastern Ghats.

Road (route) map to Wayanad from Kozhikode (Calicut)

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