How to Reach Ganagapur? | How to do the Darshan at Ganagapur? | Ganagapur temple Speciality

How to Reach Ganagapur? | How to do the Darshan at Ganagapur? | Ganagapur temple Speciality

Ganagapur temple

How to Reach Ganagapur?

The Ganagapur is 26 km away from the Gulbarga if it is through the rail journey from Hyderabad to Pune and there comes the Gangapur road railway station.  The Gangapur is 20 Kms away from that place where we have to reach through Bus and all the trains are not having the stops in the Gangapur rail station.  That is the reason why one has to reach to Gangapur which is 25 Kms in distance through Bus after reaching Gulburga in train.

Accommodation at Ganagapur: Ganugapuram was a small village in the beginning. But afterwards, it got the prominence it became famous by visiting many tourists.  There are no Devastanam’s accommodations for the tourists who visit this place. But there are small hotels and lodgings in the city for the tourists.

By 12 in the noon all the tourists are given free meals in the food BIKSHA.

Ganagapur temple Speciality: One of the speciality of this temple is there is no door for the main temple but only a small window like entrance will be there to enter the temple.  From that window the devotees has to worship the Lord.  Another speciality of this temple is  there is joining of two rivers called Bhima Nadhi and Amaraja nadhi which is one and half kilometer from the temple.

There is no idol of Lord Dattatraya or any other god inside the temple.  There is a believe that Lord Dattaraya used to live in this city under the name Nrusimha Saraswathi Swamy for 24 years and later on shifted to Srisailam temple and became a famous god there.

For the belief of the devotees there are the food prints of Lord Dattatraya in the temple which are called as Nirguna Padhukalu.

How to do the Darshan at Ganagapur? The devotees has to worship for the food prints of the lord before entering the temple.  Next they have to perform the holy bath in the lake near the temple and have to worship the Lord again.  The darshan for the Lord in the temple starts by 2.30 Am in the morning and the offerings like Kesarai Lepanam, Astagandha Lepanam and so on are offered for the lord.  The details about those special pujas and their fee are to be enquired in the temple office.

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  1. I will be travelling from Mumbai in my own vehicle. please let me the route to reach gangapur. how to take the darshan. Can i get a pujari to perform Abhishek and his contact numbers.
    Please let me know exact Kms and hours it will take to reach gangapur.


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