How to reach Chidambaram? | Accommodation at Chidambaram

How to reach Chidambaram? | Accommodation at Chidambaram


How to reach Chidambaram? Chidambaram is one of famous Historical places in India.  While going by the train towards southern direction from Chennai there is division of route into two parts at Villupuram.  Among those two routes one track goes Via Vrudhachalam where as another route passes through Kaduluru, Chidambaram, Myladuthurai and moves on.  In this route the distance from Chennai to Chidambaram is around 244 Kilo meters with the approximate journey of 5 to 6 hours.    The temple is situated around one and half kilometer distance from Chidambaram railway station. There is only one main road which passes though the middle of the city and goes to temple from the Chidambaram railway station.  There is bus stand in the city is in the middle of the railway station and temple.

Accommodation at Chidambaram: There are no cottages or choultries which are under the maintenance of temple.  Chidambaram is small kind of city.  The Hotels and Lodges are available near by the bus stand and railway station.  Chidambaram is one among the Pachabhuta Tatvalingalu.

In this temple the Shiva lingam is in the form of Akasa Lingam and name of the God is Chidambareswarudu.  This god is also famous with a name called Nataraju because Shiva has shown his performance on Thandava Nrutyam to his sincere devotee called Vygrapadhudu.    In the main temple the idol of God is available in the form of Lingam and the offerings will be performed to that lingam only.  Besides this idol there is one more idol of Lord Shiva called Nataraja Swamy in the form of Human being who is performing Dance.

There are lots many Madapams are available in the surroundings of Chidambaram sanctum and each of these mandapams has different names like Kalaka Sabha, Nruthya sabha and so on.  That is the reason why here lord Shiva is also called as Sabhapathi.  The goddess has another temple with in the premises and she is called with the name Shivakami. The goddess in the temple will be very attractive with a lot of beauty.

In Tamilnadu there are around 63 ardent devotees who pray Lord Shiva a lot. They are called as Nayanars.  Some of the Nayanars life is closely related to this temple.

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    1. We arriving chidambaram along with 4 members at 12-30am by train from madras.this is not a pleasure trip but of adhyatmika trip so we need accommodation in either in Matt’s or in choultries . Leaving chidambaram on 14-7-13 morning to srirangam by a convenient accomadition for our stay there.

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