How Dharmavaram Silk Sarees stared? | Attractive Dharmavaram Silk Sarees Designs

How Dharmavaram Silk Sarees stared? | Attractive Dharmavaram Silk Sarees Designs

Dharmavaram Silk Sarees


The Dharmavaram Silk sarees had a history of around 100 years. The weavers used to weave the Silk sarees from the time of the British only. During that time the people used to grow the Mulberry trees in large numbers around the Bangalore areas. The weaving of the sarees is been started by their own during the time of the hereditary of Gaddam Yatirajulu, Pallem Venkatesulu since one century back only. In the beginning days the farmers used to grow the Silk insects and used to prepare the cocoons from them. The cocoons are been boiled in the hot water and the silk thread is been brought out and used to weave the sarees from that thread. Till 1980 the weavers used to weave one side and two side stitched sarees which are very famous in those days and later on they changed their style to one lakh of lights using the 120 jacards and big size Kalanjali border designs on the Silk sarees are been designed. As the time being later on the trend shifted to 240 jacards Kalanjali, Evening, Morning, Brocket, ootu and so on sarees are been designed and weaved by the weavers.

The silk thread is been prepared using the advanced machines and designed the sarees in various colors which are very attractive and for the production of the sarees, the weaving mills and factories are been started in these places. The Dharmavaram Silk sarees are branded for the quality and attraction. The weavers who work in the production of a saree are of different castes and so the creativity of all the people is put together and gave rise to the new sarees and designs. Besides this, even the popularity of the Dharmavaram sarees is been passed to all the places. Some of the famous weavers like Chippala Siddharamayya and Chinna Ramayyalu used to take the awards from the Governor also for their skill in the work.

Attractive Dharmavaram Silk Sarees Designs

The designs like peacock feathers on the Silk sarees, Bramhakamalam, the designs which are like the shine of the stars, perfume based sandal sarees, and the sarees which changes the colors because of the threads used in them are been designed by the weavers of these days which shows their skill and talent. Among 26 designs in the sarees, 11 are from the handloom and the remaining 15 are from the power looms. As there are around 240 jacards of Kalanjali, Evening, Morning, Brocket sarees there is a great demand for these sarees.

Employment with Dharmavaram Silk Sarees

There are around 50 thousand of handlooms around the areas of Dharmavaram and from these around 80 thousand of families are getting the livelihood. The annual turnover of these industries is around Rs.500 crores and especially the development is seen in the women based weaving industries where the turnover is more and are looking after their families with good income. There is a great demand for the Dharmavaram sarees for all the people especially for the political leaders and cine stars. The cost of the sarees which are weaved in Dharmavaram will be around Rs.1500 to Rs.25,000. in the same way the handmade sarees which are weaved using the silk thread will be around Rs.25,000 to one lakh. At present the Dharmavaram sarees are been imported to all the countries not only in the national level but also international level. That is the reason why special brand is been given to the Dharmavaram sarees by giving a special recognition. There is a great demand for the sarees which are having the Brand as Dharmavaram silk sarees. These sarees are been exported to the countries like America, Dubai, Malaysia, China and to many other places.

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