Gujari Mahal at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh | Location Map of Gujari Mahal

Gujari Mahal at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh | Location Map of Gujari Mahal

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Another place that should be visited is Gujari mahal.  This palace was built by Raja Mansingh Tomer for his lover and 9th wife, Mrignayani.  Earlier, when Mansingh went on hunting in a forest he saw a young  woman Nanni who belonged to Gujara community.  She was fighting with wild buffaloes then.  Raja was very impressed with her courage and wanted to marry her.  She laid three conditions.  They were that she will not wear a veil like Rajput woman, that she will accompany the king everywhere including in wars and since the reason for her courage is because of the water she was drinking in her village and so that water should be made available to her.  The king agreed to her conditions and married her.  He already had 8 wives.  They opposed to Nanni who belonged to a lower community staying in the palace.  So the king built Gujari Mahal for her.  The water from her village was supplied to her palace through pipes. Those pipes can be seen even now. Raja loved Nanni very much. Since her eyes look like eyes of a deer, the kin named her Mrignayani. All the other queens of Raja Mansingh followed him in his death (sahagamanam).  But Mrignayani became ascetic.  Presently this palace is under archeology department.  There is museum here.  Many stone statues can be seen in this museum.  One of the statue ‘Salabhanjika’ is a very beautiful statue.  The smile of the lady can be seen clearly.  So this is called the ‘Monalisa of India’ by the tourists.

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