Falaknuma Palace has been converted into a luxurious hotel by Taj Group

Falaknuma Palace has been converted into a luxurious hotel by Taj Group | Kitchen, library, luxury rooms, suites and tariffs in the Falaknuma Palace Hotel
Falaknuma Palace
Falaknuma Palace is a beautiful historic palace built with Italian marble in the shape of a scorpion.  This palace is built in an area of 32acres and is situated at a distance of 5kms from Charminar.  It is built on a hill and stood as an evidence for the grandeur and splendor of Nizam Nawabs.

Reflection of sky

Falaknuma Palace was built between 1884 and 1897 by Prime Minister of Hyderbad Nawab Sir Vikar Ul Umra and it was designed by a British architect.  Falaknuma in Urdu means the reflection of sky.  Sixth Nizam was fascinated by this palace which is with pleasant atmosphere and which looks like it is kissing the blue skies.  He paid one crore rupees for this building and made it his official residence.  Even after the princely state of Hyderabad merged in to India, this palace is under Nizam’s successors.  Taj Group has taken over this palace a decade back to convert it into a heritage hotel.  It worked hard for six years and renovated the building, protecting the ancient articles and beauty of the building and opened the palace now as a luxurious hotel.

Falaknuma Palace hotel

Guests are taken in a Horse card from the main gate of the palace which is built in Italian and Tudor style of architecture.  Battery golf cots are arranged to move around in the surroundings.  The guests will be welcomed with rose flower petals in the reception.  Main hall and Gol Bungalow of the Palace are kept as it is with small changes not to damage the naturality.      Paintings in the Victoria style on the ceiling are the high light of the palace.  A musical instrument which is 2 tons is still placed in the music room.  This is the only one of its kind in the whole world.  36 varieties of tunes can be played at a time on this instrument, it is said.  Many painting collected by the Nizam from various places, handicrafts, furniture and books can be seen here.  Jades are used in decorating the palace which is not seen in any other palaces in the world.

Library in the palace

There is a big library which houses more than 5,900 rare books in the middle of the palace.  This is designed in the lines of Winders Castle Library in the British Royal Palace with rose wood and teak almirahs and tables.



Dining room

Dining room in the palace has a rosewood dining table which can accommodate 101 guests at a time.  This table is designed in seven divisions and such table is not found anywhere in the world. Dining table looks splendid with golden plates, spoons and crystal glasses.  If the number of guests in a group is more than 60, lunch will be arranged in this dining room, informs the hotel management.

Venetian chandeliers in Brazil cut are another special feature of this palace.  There are 40 such chandeliers spread all through the palace.

Durbar Hall

Wood ceilings, walnut wood furniture and beautiful mirrors are the special attractions in the durbar hall.  This is now converted into a stage for parties and receptions.

GE refrigerator, electrical switch board, telephone exchange, petrol pump and attached bathrooms were concepts introduced by Falaknuma palace in India.  These are exhibited just where they are.  Nizam breakfast room is converted into a conference hall.  Carpets and furniture are brought from Turkey.  Falaknuma palace which had 22 halls and 220 rooms is converted into a hotel with 60 luxurious rooms.

Falaknuma had Jenana mahal and Harem quarters on the left side of the palace.  These are now converted in to 4 luxury rooms and 41 palace rooms.  Tariff of luxury rooms is RS.33,000 per day and Palace room is Rs.38,000 per day.  Another 15 rooms have been converted as expensive suites.  3 historical suites of Rs.83,000 tariff and 8 royal suites of Rs.1,40,000 tariff remind the guests of the royal days.  Another three grand royal suites are also present in the palace tariff of which is Rs. 1,95,000 per day.  One of the suites is called Begum suite.  All the articles used by the then queen are arranged in this room.  Nizam suite is the high light of the palace.  This suite is in duplex model and has a special swimming pool.  Guests will have to spend Rs.5 lakhs to spend a day in this suite.  5% taxes are extra.

Kitchen in the palace

The kitchen in the palace Gol Bungalow has been converted in to two restaurants.  One is Celesta that provides Italian and mediterranean cuisine.  Second is Ada where Hyderabadi traditional dishes are available along with north Indian dishes.

Jade room offers Hyderabadi, Turkish and South Indian breakfast and also varieties of Tea.  Restaurants are open for not only those who stay in the hotel but also outsiders.  Wine centers and hukka lounge are other attractions.

Billiards room, board room which is equipped with LCD projectors, electronic copy boards and 52” television are also available in the palace hotel.  Falaknuma gardens were personally designed by Nizam after visiting the Mughal, Rajasthan and Japan gardens.  There is no doubt that staying in Falaknuma Palace hotel remains as a beautiful memory to the guests.

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