Details of Badrinath pilgrim | Route Map to Badrinath Temple

Details of Badrinath pilgrim

Badhrinath Temple

The temple at Badrinath is on the banks of river Alakananda. From a distance of 150 yards from the temple, a big black stone raised platform of 156 feet length, 76 feet height and 5 feet thickness can be seen. This is called the Brahmakapaalam.

Haridwar is at a distance of 322 km from Badarinath. River Alakananda continues to flow from Badarinath. Other rivers Dhawalaganga, Nandaakini, Vindaraganga, Mandakini and Bhagirathi join Alakananda in that order. After joining Bhagirathi, the river enters the plain stretch open land at Rishikesh as River Ganga.
Route Map to Badrinath Temple

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