Coorg is the favourite destination of Karnataka | Important tourist spots in and around Coorg

Coorg is the favourite destination of Karnataka | Important tourist spots in and around Coorg

Coorg is called ‘Scotland of India’. Because the atmosphere of Scotland is also cool and pleasant just like in Coorg.  Coorg is the birth place for aromatic coffee.  Coorg means a dense forest which is on an erect mountain.  Coorg is a  lush green district in Karnataka. The main head quarter of the district is Madikeri.  Visiting Coorg means visiting Madikeri.

Indian Scotland

Coorg is also called kodagu.  This is in the state of Karnataka.  This is situated between the western ghats on the border of Kerala.  Many of the tourist spots in this state are man made.  But Coorg is an abode of natural scenic beauty.  Foreign tourists who visit this place described this as the ‘Indian Scotland’.


Bhagamandalam (link to above posts)


Talakaveri (link to above posts)


Madikeri fort (link to above posts)


Abbi water falls (link to above posts)



Rajas seat view point is in the south direction from the fort of Madikeri.  This is perched atop a hill.  The king and other prominent persons used to sit here to view the sunset.  This place is now fully developed.  A garden, toy train and a temple are situated here.

Unique dressing style


The dressing style, food habits and culture of people o Coorg are unique.  The style of wearing a sari is very special.  Men wear a black overcoat, a golden cloth and a small knife.  This is the traditional dress of Coorg.  These Clothes are worn on festivals.  Carrying weapons is a tradition.  There is no dowry in their marriages.

Most of the Coorg people are fighters. They fought from the time of Cholas to Tipu Sultan for freedom.  Field marshal Kariappa, General Timmayya are from this place only.  Their life style is completely dependent on river Kaveri.  They have a strong relationship with this river.



Coorg coffee powder, virajapet honey, cardamom and pepper are sold here.  One has to look for Agmark before buying.

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