Churches in Goa built in the Roman-gothic architectural style | Road map and driving directions from Mumbai to Goa

Churches in Goa built in the Roman-gothic architectural style | Road map and driving directions from Mumbai to Goa

UNESCO team travels in the world to selects place and buildings that should be visited by the future generations as World Heritage sites.  UNESCO has selected Goa, Pattadakal and Hampi in India along with other places.

Ancient Goa is on the banks of river Mandavi.  In 16th century Bijapur Nawab Adil shah wanted to change his capital to ancient Goa and built a wonderful palace their.  At the same time Portuguese Army commander occupied this place.  For the next 340 years, Goa was the capital for the Portuguese rule in India.  Not only in trade, culture but also in culture and religion it was similar to the cities of Europe.  The churches in the main square brought back the memories of Portuguese grandeur and Roman Catholic world.

Bam Jesus’ Basilica church

‘Bam Jesus’ Basilica church which was selected as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986 has the main deity Child Jesus.  The idol is very small.  The idol of St Ignatius Loyola idol which is at the back of Jesus idol is about 3 meter height.  At the top of the head, shining sun and the symbol of I.H.S. Jesuit can be seen.  Saint Loyola is the founder of Jesus Society.  The whole inside of the church has the gold plated covering.  This is the first church in South Asia which got the ‘Basilica’ status.  Roman Catholic Christians visit this church at least once in their life time.

The mortal remaining of St Xavier is preserved in this church.  This saint’s mortal remaining is preserved in a silver box since 400 years.  This box is kept on the right side of the main deity in a three storey marble tomb.  Saint’s body is taken on 3 rd December once for each decade for the devotees to visit. The body is going to taken out in 2014 for this decade.

Se Cathedral

‘Se-cathedral’ church is another famous church which is the biggest church in Asia.  This was built by a Portuguese Emperor.  This was built as a symbol of wealth, authority of Portugal.  This church is dedicated to St. Catherine.  This was built in the Portuguese-Gothic architectural style. Four small temples built for St. Anthony and St. Bernard and others can be seen on the right side of the temple.  The golden bell in the church is the biggest in Asia.  Pope Pious presented a Golden rose to the church in 1953.

St. Francis church

St. Francis church is located at the back of ‘Se-Cathedral’ church.  St. Antony Chapel and Lady of Rosary are the other main churches.  Viceroy Arch is situated on the banks of River Mandavi which has a historical prominence.  Great grand son of Vasco Da Gama, Francisco Da Gama who was a governor built this arch to welcome Portuguese Viceroys who come to Goa.

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