What are the specialties in Nehru zoological park? |Entrance charges of Nehru zoological park in Hyderabad

What are the specialties in Nehru zoological park? |Entrance charges of Nehru zoological park in Hyderabad

Nehru zoological park

Nehru zoological park is attracting the people with its new appearance in Hyderabad. There are many animals in the park and this is the correct time to enjoy with the family in the park.

Fish world:
There is an aquarium near the entrance inside the park and they had arranged this to view the sea animals. There will be fishes in many colors and there are tortoises also. The entrance fee is Rs.2.

Animal darbar:
There is natural history museum after crossing the aquarium and the people can see the models of died animals. They are prepared with the skin of the dead animals. The entrance is free for this darbar.

Toy train:
The toy train is the facility to roam around the zoo and the people can see the beauty of the zoo for 20 minutes in this toy train. The fare for adults is Rs.15 and the fare for children is Rs.5.

Bears are the special attraction in the zoo and there will be small ones which make fun. The bear will walk along the ramp and this should be seen compulsorily.

Foreign birds:
The foreign birds are beautiful to see and there are colorful parrots. These birds make different kind of sounds.

The white peacocks can be seen along with the normal peacocks and if the climate is cloudy, the peacocks will dance by opening their feathers.

There is safari bus to watch the animals which are freely moving in the forest. The lions and deers will be there and it is very good to see them moving around. The fare for the adults is Rs.25 and the fare for the children is Rs.10.

Don’ts during the safari:
The people should not keep their hands out of the window and they should not give outside food for the animals. They should not throw plastic covers and papers as food to the animals. They should be careful during the safari.

Homemade food:
It is better to take the food from home and we can get the experience of having the food in the forest. They should take water along with them and there will be food available in the park. They should not miss the biggest tortoise, Butterfly Park, white tigers and giraffe.

Nehru zoological park:
Entrance charges: Rs.20 for adults and Rs.10 for children

For own vehicle: Rs.200
Toy train: Rs.15 for adults and Rs.5 for children.

Where is it: Bahadurpura

How to go: there is bus facility from all the places in the city.

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