Eifel tower in Yanam | Road (Route) map of Kakinada – Yanam | Accommodation at Yanam

Eifel tower in Yanam | Road (Route) map of Kakinada – Yanam | Accommodation at Yanam

Yanam is the union territory in India. To develop the tourism in Yanam they are constructing an Eifel tower with an approximate cost of 45 crores.  Eifel tower construction in Yanam is same as the Eifel tower which is existed in Paris.  The construction is expecting to complete it by the end of this year.  For the construction of Eifel tower Reliance Industries limited given an amount of Rs. 25 crores and the remaining Rs. 20 crores are released by the Government of India.  This is constructing with the height of 300 Feet in a place called Giriyampet which is located in a distance of 7 KMs from Yanam.  There is a lift facility for up to the 150 feet. As the qutub Minar stood first in the world with 300 feet height, this construction going to be in the second position. The Efil tower which is already gain the name of having the construction of the bharathe Mata idol which is 26 feet high is trying to be in the hit list with this Yanam Efil tower construction and is about to break the record. The construction of the tower is been taken by the Nagarjuna constructions company in a circle of 20 acres of place. There are the ideas of constructing the amusement park for the children’s and going to change the place into a tourist place for the visitors.

Road (Route) map of Kakinada – Yanam

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Accommodation at Yanam

There are good hotels at Yanam, but Kakinada is the nearest big town to Yanam, where one can find the all types of hotels and lodges for accommodation with any range of budget.

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