Attractive tourist places and Islands in Andaman Nicobar Islands

Attractive tourist places and Islands in Andaman Nicobar Islands

Long Island

Andaman Nicobar Island is a group of around 600 Islands which are placed in Bay of Bengal.  These are very nearer to the countries like Myanmar and Thailand when compared to India.  These Islands has become very famous in the world.  As these Islands are very nearer to the ocean they look to be very beautiful. To view these beautiful scenes in the ocean which attracts the tourists and the correct time to go to these islands is during the months of October to May.   In these Islands we can see the people who belong to different tribal communities.   Among those tribal communities there are communities who don’t have any relationship with the real world. Even though there are around 600 Islands the tourists are restricted to visit only few Islands.

Neil Island

This beautiful Island looks very attractive to eyes of human being with the beauties which are framed by the nature. Andaman is 36km away from its capital Portblair town. There is a boat service to the Andaman from portblair four times a week. This area not only filled with the greenery but also makes the tourists to feel the presence of the rural atmosphere. The Lakshmanpur, Bharathpur and Sitapur beaches are the famous places to be visited without fail. There is accommodation facility given by the tourism department.

Long Island

This island is 82km away from the Portblair and there are boat facilities to reach the island which are available four days a week. There we can have a look at the beautiful dolphins. In order to see the Lalaji Bay which is six km away from the island we have to travel on a boat or travel through the dark forest to reach the place. The journey gives a wonderful and unforgettable experience.


The Rangath which is 170km away from the Portblair place is full of pleasant atmosphere and gives peace of mind to the tourists as it is pollution free and looks like a treasure of nature. During the time of February and December, there appears the ocean tortoise house which makes the tourists to have a look at them and appreciate the beauty of the nature.


One can reach the Diglipur by travelling 290km from Portblair through road journey. This area gives pleasure and happiness for the people who are the lovers of nature. One of the wonderful experiences is watching the rising sun from this place along with the innocent greenery. The Andaman River and the water electric project which is established in this place are another site seeing places in this Diglipur. The Water playing ground which is at Kalipur which is very near to the Diglipur is another site seeing place.


Little Andaman Island

The beach which is near Butler Bay is wonderful and in the same way, the beautiful waterfalls and the palm oil gardens which are full of greenery are very attractive to watch in this place.


Nicobar Islands

There are in total 28 islands which are separately formed starting the Andaman Island. In the Nicobar Islands there are the coconut and the palm oil gardens which look very beautiful. Besides these plants, the Survi and the Pandaanas trees also attract the tourists. One can have a look at the long tail monkeys and pigeons which are very often seen in this island and one of the rare bird called the Mega pod is seen in this island. Besides these interesting places and views, the Car Nicobar and the Kachal beaches are the important places to visit.

Jolly bouy

The famous Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is in this place. Many interesting issues and news regarding the ocean and its depth can be known by visiting this place.

Cinque Island

One can watch the coral islands in the ocean. There are many good facilities for the Scuba diving and swimming in this island.


Barren Island

The Barren Island is 135km away from the Portblair. This is a volcano and it is the only volcano in the country. The Ross, Wiper and Chatam islands are also the famous islands for the tourists.



The museums like the details of the human beings in the ancient rock civilization period, the ocean living animals of Andaman museum, the ocean naval museum, the Zoological Survey of India museum which tells about the different kinds of Jerri’s, sponges, corals, parrots and so on are there in this place. Besides these museums the famous Cellular Jail is also the important place to be visited. Totally the Andaman and Nicobar Islands trip leaves a wonderful and unforgettable experience to the tourists in their life.

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