How Brihadeeswara temple constructed? | Places to Visit around Brihadeeswara temple, Tanjavur

How Brihadeeswara temple constructed? | Places to Visit around Brihadeeswara temple, Tanjavur

Brihadeeswara temple, Tanjavur

Most of the people who worked for the constructions of the great monuments like Tajmahal and Red Fort are the prisoners in the jail only. But the Brihadeeswara temple in Tanjavur / Tanjore is an exception because; most of the people who helped for the construction of the temple are the Indians only that to the devotees who came voluntarily. The raja of Chola, had made a statement and order that the names of the people those who helped in the construction of the temple are to be carved on the stones. The names of those people can be seen on the carvings. People used to believe that the temple is been constructed hundred years back during the reign of Kariakla Chola. But one of the researchers had made a statement that the temple is constructed during the times of Raja Raja Chola.

The Cholas used to be the powerful kings during the tenth and the eleventh centuries. The devotional god for them is the Lord Shiva. The Raja Raja Chola had expanded his kingdom starting from Tanjore in 985 AD to 1012. He ruled Kerala to Madurai besides Tanjore in the south of Kerala. The result of this is the income is increased a lot. Then only he decided to establish one of the famous constructions in the Tanjore and that idea paved the way for the wonderful construction of the Bruhadeeswara temple. The construction of the temple started in 1004 AD and completed on 1010.

How Brihadeeswara temple constructed? This temple is said to be one of the biggest temple in the country. The length of the temple is 793 feet and the width is 393 feet and the height of the Gopuram (temple steeple) is 216 feet. The whole construction of the temple is done by using the bricks and no cement, sand is been used in the construction. The temple is a 13 storied building which looks very beautiful and attractive from the outside. For the gopuram (temple steeple) which is located at the top is been constructed with 80 tons of a single stone. The total area of the gopuram (temple steeple) is 25.5 square feet. A special bridge is been constructed from 7 Km away from the temple to place the stone at the top of the temple. The sikharam (temple peak) appears as two parts and sections or the divisions from the far.

There are no forests or anything else in the surrounding of the temple. It is also estimated that the temple is been constructed by dividing the stones which are far away from the temple which his around 150 km away from the temple. The historians say that the secret behind the construction of the temple is to make his name and fame to be known to all the people during the reign of Chola king. Another specialty of the temple is the construction which is made by the carvings on the temple made it famous and looks beautiful.

The beauty of the construction of the temple is not only seen in the outside carvings but is seen inside the temple too.  The lord Shiva inside the temple is been made with a single stone of 13 feet height. There is a belief that the lingam is been brought from the Narmada river shore. There are steps on both the sides of the temple to worship the lord. The gomukha panapattam is been constructed by using a stone which is 500 tons weight. The inside of the temple is divided into two parts and most of the temple inside is of the carvings that are made of the dancer’s carvings during the times of the Nayaka times. There are also the carvings of the raja chola who along with his three queens worshipping the lord Nataraj is been carved on the temple carvings. To know the customs and traditions during the Chola times can be known by these carvings and sculptures.

Places to Visit around Brihadeeswara temple, Tanjavur

The Brihadeeswara temple is situated at the center of the Tanjore city which is 320 km away from the south. There are many site seeing places in Tanjore like the Saraswathi Mahal Library, museum, the oldest instruments and weapons and coins. The Gangai konda cholapuram is 61 km away from the temple of Tanjore.

The Rajendra Chola of the west is the first king who expanded his empire in the south. He is the son of raja raja chola. He constructed the capital city as a memorial of his expansion of the kingdom. Another temple is been constructed by him which is very similar to that of the temple which is built by King Chola. These two temples look alike and the two temples are having the same wealth like the same carvings and the construction beauty which looks alike. By showing concern to his father he had decreased the height of the gopuram (temple steeple) to that of the original construction. But it is the biggest in its wide range of area and construction. There are many temples in this temple besides the lord Shiva temple.

Location Map of Brihadeeswara temple, Tanjavur:
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Importance of ‘Arunachalam’ pilgrim | Mythological significance of ‘Arunachalam’ and its touristic importance

Importance of ‘Arunachalam’ pilgrim | Mythological significance of ‘Arunachalam’ and its touristic importance


Tiruvannamalai is one of the most famous pilgrimage centers of Tamilnadu.  This is also known as Arunachalam.  The five basic elements of the universe are sky, air, fire, water and earth.  According to the stories of Puranaas Lord Shiva has taken the form of these five elements in five different locations.  These five forms are called Panchabhootha tatwa Lingaalu.  The place where Lord Shiva has taken the form of Agni or fire is Arunachalam or Turuvannamalai.

Once there was a conflict between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu about the supremacy.  Suddenly a big fire pillar had appeared between them.  It was so big that the starting and ending of the pillar could not be seen.  To find out the origin of the pillar Lord Brahma climbed his Hamsa vaahana and went in to the skies.  Lord Vishnu had taken the form of Varaaha and went deep into the earth.  Both the Gods could not find the origins of the piilar and returned to the place from where they have started.  Lord Shiva came out of the pillar and stood between them.  Later as per the wish of Lord Brahma and Vishnu, Lord Shiva has taken a form of a mountain at that place.  That mountain is Arunachalam.   According to the sthala puraanam this mountain takes the form of Agni in Kritha Yuga, An ornament form in Threthra Yuga, and gold form in Dwapara Yuga and Marakata form in Kaliyuga.

Sage Gautama used to reside on this mountain in an Ashram.  A big lamp is lit on the mountain on the eve of ‘Kartika Purnima’ celebrations at Tiruvannamalai.  This lamp burns for nearly three days.  This is visible even from a distance of 40 kms.  Devotees make pradakshina around this mountain believing that the lamp is Lord Shiva himself.  The temple is at the bottom of the hill.  This temple with four Prakaaras is said to be one of the biggest temples in Tamilnadu.  The Nandi Vigraham in the front Mandapam is one of the rarest statues in India.

Tiruvannamalai is near the southern border of Andhra Pradesh.  Katpadi Junction station is located 35 kms south from Chittoor.

There is a branch line to Vellipuram from Katpadi.  Tirumannamalai is exactly at the middle of the line.  There are many hotels and lodges in this place which is 93 kms from Katpadi and 68 kms from Vellipuram.

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Importance of Annavaram Pilgrim | Touristic significance, daily ‘darshanas’ and accommodation facilities at Annavaram

Importance of Annavaram Pilgrim | Touristic significance, daily ‘darshanas’ and accommodation facilities at Annavaram

Annavaram Pilgrim

Annavaram is one of the famous temples of Andhra Pradesh.  Though there are many temples in the coastal region Annavaram has become famous because of its easy connectivity to rail and road, and also for the large vicinity of the temple.  The deity of Annavaram,  Lord Satyanarayana Swamy is known as a God who confers the boon asked.  This temple has a history of over 100 years.  According to puranaas ‘Annavaram’ means ‘Anina + varam’ (Said + boon).  One has to witness the pleasant view of hundreds of couple performing Satyanarayana Vratam sitting in lines.  The main temple looks like a chariot with 4 wheels on four corners.

Devotees who visit Annavaram in the month of Karthika are considered to be the most fortunate people.  People can have the spiritual darshan as well as the nature darshan.  Thousands of devotees visit this temple every day.  Annavaram is located on National High way-5.  It is located at a distance of 90 kms from Rajahmundry  and 120 kms from the steel city Visakhapatnam.  Both Vaishnavas and Shaivas visit this temple to have a darshan of Satyadeva, Anantha Lakshmi and Lord Shiva.  According the temple history the God and Goddess emerged on this Ratnagiri temple in the telugu year khara (1891).  In the last 120 years the temple has developed to occupy the place next only to Tirupati in income as well in the number of devotees.

Daily darshan – Brahmotsavam

The temple is opened from 05.00 am to 09.00 pm. Darsanam will not be available for 15 minutes in the middle of the day.  The main puja in this temple is Satyanarayana Vratam.  This is conducted everyday from 06.00am to 06.00 pm.  Nityakalyanam for the presiding diety is performed every day from 09.00 am to 11.30 am.  Free darshan as well as special darshan with Rs. 25 ticket are available.  Kalyana Brahmotsavaalu is held every year from Vaisakah suddha dasami to bahula paadyami.   Divya kalyaanam of swamy is performed on Ekaadasi day.  There are also temples of Lord Rama, Vanadurga and Kanakadurga nearby.  Special abhishekam for the presiding deities are performed early in the morning, every month on makha nakshatram.  Under the Daily food donation scheme, Annadaanam is done for all the devotees every day.

The Srigokulam and the Surya clock built with astronomical knowledge can be visited with in the premises of the temple.  There are many pilgrimage centers and tourist spots around this temple in the district.  Pitapuram is situated at a distance of 30 kms from Annavaram where one can visit the Dattatreyaswamy temple, Goddess Puruhootika temple and Kukkuteswara swamy temple.  Samarlakota, where the presiding diety is Sri Kumara Bheemeswara Swamy is also very near to Annavaram.  Thalupulamma temple is located at 18 kms from here between green hills.  Puttadhara which flows here, and the pleasant weather and panoramic view attracts the tourists.  Nearby Danavaipet is a must visit to spend a pleasant evening.  One can also go for a boat riding in the Pampa Reservoir. As there are bus and train services available to Visakhapatnam devotees go there and visit Simhachalam temple, RK beach, Kailasagiri and Araku Valley.  The Maredmilli Eco Tourism resorts in the district agency are a special attraction.


There are Choultries with 400 rooms on top of the hill for the convenience of the devotees.   These are available for a rent of Rs.100 to Rs.1,000.  Along with these VIP cottages, AC, Non Ac rooms are also available.  Choultries with 200 rooms, rest rooms and personal cottages are being built on Satyagiri beside Ratnagiri.  There are also a three star hotel, Ratnagiri resorts and many private lodges down the hill.

How to reach Annavaram?

There are train, bus and air services to Annavaram.  Nonstop bus services are available from Kakinada, Rajahmundry and Visakhapatnam.  It takes 1 hour to reach Annavaram from Kakinada, 1 hour 45 minutes from Rajahmundry and two and half hours from Visakhapatnam and 11 hours from Hyderabad.  One can see the Ratnagiri hills from the Bus station itself as the Bus station is located in the middle of Annavaram.  The devasthanam buses and autos are also available.  Almost all the trains stop at Annavaram rail way station.  Ratnagiri is just 3 kms from the railway station.  Devasthanam autos and buses are available all the 24 hours from railway station.  Devotees can reach Annavaram in 3 hours from Visakhapatnam airport and in 2 hours from Madhurapudi airport, Rajahmundry through air services.

Any information relating to the temple can be had from phone no.s  08868-238163, 238125 and 239119.

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Attractive tourist places and Islands in Andaman Nicobar Islands

Attractive tourist places and Islands in Andaman Nicobar Islands

Long Island

Andaman Nicobar Island is a group of around 600 Islands which are placed in Bay of Bengal.  These are very nearer to the countries like Myanmar and Thailand when compared to India.  These Islands has become very famous in the world.  As these Islands are very nearer to the ocean they look to be very beautiful. To view these beautiful scenes in the ocean which attracts the tourists and the correct time to go to these islands is during the months of October to May.   In these Islands we can see the people who belong to different tribal communities.   Among those tribal communities there are communities who don’t have any relationship with the real world. Even though there are around 600 Islands the tourists are restricted to visit only few Islands.

Neil Island

This beautiful Island looks very attractive to eyes of human being with the beauties which are framed by the nature. Andaman is 36km away from its capital Portblair town. There is a boat service to the Andaman from portblair four times a week. This area not only filled with the greenery but also makes the tourists to feel the presence of the rural atmosphere. The Lakshmanpur, Bharathpur and Sitapur beaches are the famous places to be visited without fail. There is accommodation facility given by the tourism department.

Long Island

This island is 82km away from the Portblair and there are boat facilities to reach the island which are available four days a week. There we can have a look at the beautiful dolphins. In order to see the Lalaji Bay which is six km away from the island we have to travel on a boat or travel through the dark forest to reach the place. The journey gives a wonderful and unforgettable experience.


The Rangath which is 170km away from the Portblair place is full of pleasant atmosphere and gives peace of mind to the tourists as it is pollution free and looks like a treasure of nature. During the time of February and December, there appears the ocean tortoise house which makes the tourists to have a look at them and appreciate the beauty of the nature.


One can reach the Diglipur by travelling 290km from Portblair through road journey. This area gives pleasure and happiness for the people who are the lovers of nature. One of the wonderful experiences is watching the rising sun from this place along with the innocent greenery. The Andaman River and the water electric project which is established in this place are another site seeing places in this Diglipur. The Water playing ground which is at Kalipur which is very near to the Diglipur is another site seeing place.


Little Andaman Island

The beach which is near Butler Bay is wonderful and in the same way, the beautiful waterfalls and the palm oil gardens which are full of greenery are very attractive to watch in this place.


Nicobar Islands

There are in total 28 islands which are separately formed starting the Andaman Island. In the Nicobar Islands there are the coconut and the palm oil gardens which look very beautiful. Besides these plants, the Survi and the Pandaanas trees also attract the tourists. One can have a look at the long tail monkeys and pigeons which are very often seen in this island and one of the rare bird called the Mega pod is seen in this island. Besides these interesting places and views, the Car Nicobar and the Kachal beaches are the important places to visit.

Jolly bouy

The famous Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is in this place. Many interesting issues and news regarding the ocean and its depth can be known by visiting this place.

Cinque Island

One can watch the coral islands in the ocean. There are many good facilities for the Scuba diving and swimming in this island.


Barren Island

The Barren Island is 135km away from the Portblair. This is a volcano and it is the only volcano in the country. The Ross, Wiper and Chatam islands are also the famous islands for the tourists.



The museums like the details of the human beings in the ancient rock civilization period, the ocean living animals of Andaman museum, the ocean naval museum, the Zoological Survey of India museum which tells about the different kinds of Jerri’s, sponges, corals, parrots and so on are there in this place. Besides these museums the famous Cellular Jail is also the important place to be visited. Totally the Andaman and Nicobar Islands trip leaves a wonderful and unforgettable experience to the tourists in their life.

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Best and Top Amusement Parks in India ( Veega land, Wonder La, Ishanya, Essel World)

Best and Top Amusement Parks in India ( Veega land, Wonder La, Ishanya, Essel World)

There are a number of theme and amusement parks in our country. Around six crore of business is been done by these parks and every year the amount will be increased also. According to a survey and estimation there are around 150 amusement parks and theme parks and each one had its own specialty. The Snow World in Hyderabad is the first in our country and is recognized as the biggest Snow Park and there are a number of themes and Amusement Parks in the respecting cities. The details of those places are as follows:

Veega land, Cochin
The Veega land is one of the famous amusement parks in Kerala which is called as the Gods Own Country. The V- Guard Company had constructed this park in 300 feet height from the depth of the sea. There are the entertainment programs like the Blue Water Pools, Thrilling Shows and attracting Rides in this park. Going into the Specialties of the Vigaland, there is a Roller Coaster Ride which is 40 feet high and 1150 feet distance, the Water Splash Boat which is 35 feet high from where one can fall down from such a height using the Revolving Cave, 14 thousand square feet Wave Pool, advanced and latest Theater Musical Fountain and so on. In this way there are a number of specialties if we go on saying like this. The complete details are as follows:

BalaRama Cave: This works based on the computer ride. In this ride the tourists are taken in a cave which is dark where there are the devils and ghosts and the fighting’s with them which gives a thrilling experience to the tourists in this ride.

Vintage Tornado: It is a Roller Coaster which is established 40 feet high and it is a special attraction to the Vigaland. This ride not only gives enthusiasm but also gives excitement while riding. Most of the rides in the Vigaland are designed based on the water only. Vigaland is one such famous place where the tourists had to add in their tourist list if they visit Cochin.
Road (route) map of Veega Land near Cochin:

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Wonderla, Bangalore

It is really a wonder as said above, because a variety of rides are been arranged here which are not seen anywhere in the Asia. This is one of the biggest amusement parks in the country which consists of a number of rides for the tourists to have fun and entertainment. The park is in around 82 acres of land and in which there are 26 water based rides and 24 land based rides. This park is also taken over by the V- Guard company which is another specialty (The company is planning to establish the same kind of park in Hyderabad too).

Going into the details of the Wonder Law which is in between the Bangalore and Mysore highway, the India’s largest Ferries Wheel (Giant Wheel) is in this place only which is constructed in 15 floors height in 30 meters height. Another specialty of this park is most of the rides are imported from the foreign countries. Another important feature is the water which is used for the rides in the water games is Reverse Osmosis Treatment based purified water which is pure and safe for the ride. The water temperature in this park during the winter season consists of 30 degrees centigrade and for this the solar heaters are been used and are worked continuously. There are special offers announced by this park for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Though the share of the Wonder Law in our country is 7% a year the enquiries regarding this issue has been increased in the recent days. That is the reason why special arrangements are been arranged for the tourists like introducing the special companies by the Andhra Pradesh in order to reach the park for the tourists.
Road (route) map of Wonderla near Bangalore:

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Ishanya, Pune

The Ishanya Laser Show is one of the biggest design center and specialty mall for the interiors and exteriors in Pune. The first Laser and Water Works Show is been started in this mall which is in Pune, India for the first time. This laser show is designed with a concept and caption called the Success On Bad which is specially arranged for the children which consists of the Laser, Water, Animation, Film, Flames, Lightening and so on in this laser show. These kinds of shows are called as the Funtasia Shows which attract the children and are usually conducted only in the Disney Land, Santosa Island in Singapore. The emotions like action, love, fun and so on are mixed in the characters which are been displayed in the show on the screen is the specialty of this laser show.
Road (Route) map of Ishanya, Pune:

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Essel World, Mumbai
The Essel World is the biggest Water Theme Park in the country and it is the first theme park in Mumbai too. One can enjoy the beauty of the park which is 30 acres through the special ferries which are arranged by the management of the park. The tourists can enjoy around 34 thrilling rides in this Theme park. The experienced people say that summer is the best time to enjoy the beauty of the park and to visit the park. There is ice skating in this park which is very enthusiastic and exciting. It is the first Theme park in the country which consists of the ice skating. The experienced and the well experienced tourists say that it takes more than a day to know the specialties of this Theme park.
Essel World, Mumbai – Road (route) map:

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What are the places Annamaya travelled? | Importance and improvisation of places visited by Annamaya

What are the places Annamaya travelled? |  Importance and improvisation of places visited by Annamaya


Annamaya had travelled to many temples and wrote many songs on the gods by praising them. He had learnt the music and literature and wrote many songs on many gods. He had written the written more number of songs on lord Venkateswara and the next comes Narasimha swami. He had written many songs on the gods in various villages like Kadapa, Onttimitta, Nandaloor, Gandikota, Kamalpuram, Madupuru, Sambaturu, Kankagiri, Mandam, Nallaballi, Cheppali, Machanvolu, Thummuluru, Pedda Madiyam, Kona, Potladurthi, Chintakunta, Sidhhapettam, Kovelakuntla, Bandi Athmakuru in Kurnool district and Kadiri in Ananthapuram district. He had also written many songs on the Tiruvengadanahalayam in Hampi and he had visited the Hajero Ramalayam, Kalisapura Hanumanthu and Mulyamatha. There are many temples which are not looked after and they had come to a stage of extinction and there are many people who don’t know that Annamaya had visited their temples in their villages.

The Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam people had collected the information on the temples Annamaya had visited and they are exploiting the information to the people so that they will protect the temples. They are also writing the songs that were written by Annamaya on the walls of temples and there is Annamaya statue on the highway between Kadapa and Rajampeta. This statue is of 108 feet tall and we can go to Talipkaka which is 5 kilometers away from this statue. There is Chennakesava temple there and they had also set up a meditation center in the temple. There is Siddeswara temple nearby and there are meditation centers also nearby. Not even a single sloka is seen here.

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