Hotels in Malaysia | Best Tourist places in Malaysia | Shopping at Malaysia

Hotels in Malaysia | Best Tourist places in Malaysia | Shopping at Malaysia


The guides in Malaysia always used to say to the tourists that they have to do something or the other which remains forever as a remarkable thing in their country and so that is the reason why, they had established the famous K L Tower. The concern of their government towards their country people is clearly shown through this construction. The K L Tower is also called as the Menara Tower which is the biggest tower in Asia and coming to the height it stood 4th position in the world. The tourists can have a wonderful look at the beauty of the Kuala Lumpur from the Observer Deck which is at the top of the tower. Another interesting issue is the construction of the tower is been completed in two years.

Hotels in Malaysia: In order to get a special name and fame for the country Malaysia the government had introduced a word construction called “Malaysia Truly Asia” and used to frame such projects in an order. The facilities like the constructions of the hotels to attract the Americans, Japanese and Chinese, Casanovas, and many interesting and funny enjoyments that are there for the night times to enjoy are there with all the international based facilities which are done in an order by the government. In this project even the dark forest which is around 2/4th of Malaysia is not an exemption. Depending on all these wonderful facilities Malaysia stood first to attract the tourists by giving them the fun and entertainment from all the corners of life. Before one decade back, the places like Singapore, Pattaya and Bangkok used to be the favorite places for visit to the tourists, but in these days without Malaysia the tourist trip has become incomplete and it is not imaginable. The reason for this is all the facilities which are attracting the tourists to visit Malaysia.


The two towers are very famous in Malaysia when there come the discussion of that beautiful place and those two towers are the symbols of their prestige and popularity. These towers are regarded as the famous in the world and are known as “PETRONAS Towers”. Some of the famous Hollywood movies like Entrapment and so on are been shooted in this tower and many other interesting places of Malaysia are been shown in the movies as background. The South China Ocean Federation of Malaysia has been divided into two parts where Thailand is in its West and Singapore is in its South. Due to the excessive growth of forests in Malaysia the production of rubber and teak wood industries are more in number. Bahasa is the official language in Malaysia and next to this the languages like Tamil and Chinese are mostly heard. English is been regarded as their business language.

As Kuala Lumpur has become very rush with the tourists, Malaysia government had constructed another city called the “Putra Jaya” which is in the equal distance from the Kuala Lumpur city and airport. The total area of the city is around 11320 acres and has been constructed under the name of their first Prime Minister. Around 70% of the land is full of greenery and among them; there are around 13 types of gardens and lakes in the city which are very attractive and beautiful. There is a man made lake in around 700 acres of land. Besides these specialties, the city has been developed within a period of 3 years as a symbol for Vision 2020. That is the reason why the guides proudly say that, “If once their government had take up any project it will be completed within the due time and that is the greatness of their city.”

Shopping at Malaysia : The Malaysia trip is not complete without visiting the “Gentle High Land”, which is the last border of happiness for the tourists. The reason for this is many famous and big shopping mall’s like Sungei Wang Plaza and so on attract the tourists with all the goods like Cosmetics, shoes, sandals, clothes, electronic items and besides these, the hotels, Casanovas, theme parks, food courts and many more facilities which are there to enjoy the life happily during the night times. There is no doubt that Malaysia had been the favorite tourist spot for the tourists. It is not only Malaysia that is been shown here but a mixture of around 20 castes and religions from North East Asia which are mingled together and formed as one family is been shown in Malaysia. Among these there are the places which are to be visited with the family and also for the honeymoon couples.

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