How to reach Chicago from India? | Accommodation at Chicago | Places to Visit around Chicago

How to reach Chicago from India? | Accommodation at Chicago | Places to Visit around Chicago


How to reach Chicago from India?

There are domestic flights from almost all the air ports where we can reach Delhi and Mumbai. From there we have to opt for the International flight to reach O’Hare airport which is in Chicago.


What is the Cost to travel to Chicago?

The charges for the Air India flights for to and fro is Rs.50,000 per person

The details of the luggage are clearly mentioned in the website and one can take 2000 dollars currency.

What is the Best Season to visit Chicago?

The favorable climate to reach the Chicago is from April to November. During the summer the sun rise timing in Chicago is 5.30 in the morning and the sun set is 8 in the night.

Accommodation at Chicago

There are many costlier hotels like Days Inn, Holiday Inn, West Inn, Mariette and Sheraton.


What are the interesting places in Chicago?

Chicago gives a wonderful experience to the people who visit the place for the first time. The meaning of Chicago is Wild Onion which means very powerful and great. In the year 1817 almost 1/3rd of Chicago is burnt in the Great Chicago Fire. That has been rebuilt and made it as one of the third beautiful cities in America. The nick name for the Chicago is Windy City. The towers in Chicago are like the crowns, lakes and ornaments. The whole Chicago is full of greenery which looks as if the city has worn the green saree. Chicago is full of empty land with less population. There are the naturally formed forests and ponds in this place and all the offices are in the down town.


Summer Festival in Chicago

The transport system in Chicago is not like our system. The local trains and the city buses travel only in the important places. Most of the people travel in their own cars. The roads which are of 6 lines will be very tidy and comfortable to have a good ride. No person walks on the roads except the cars and trucks. There will be foot paths in some of the roads. One of the interesting issues is the people in Chicago takes the bikes out during summer. They enjoy the sun light by opening the top of the car and the people in Chicago treat summer s a festival. During summer, the whole surroundings become silent without any rush and gives peace of mind to the people. The traffic rules and the way of following the rules makes us feel amazed and mesmerized. These are the rules which are not affected to anyone.

Women domination in Chicago

It is only in Chicago that one has to know about the Women domination. Even Indian women live very happily and with complete freedom in Chicago. The vehicles like school buses, trucks, big cars and vans are been driven by the ladies only. Another interesting issue is even the barbers in the saloon are ladies only. That is the nature of the ladies in Chicago and they always are first in all the issues competing with the gents.

Places to Visit around Chicago:

Lake Michigan: the Michigan is like an ornament to the beautiful lady of Chicago. One feel that as if we are in some different world when watching the ocean and the ships that are travelling in the ocean which appears as a wonderful view and leaves a wonderful experience to the tourists. Next to that is the walker zone where there is a facility to walk and jog. The view in the winter looks very beautiful with full of snow which looks as if the whole area is been covered with the blanket of snow. The people who are dare enough will go for a ride to the Detroit and Canada from this place which gives a wonderful experience.

Millennium Park: it is a park which is constructed in the dome shape using a single glass in the shape of an arch where we can watch ourselves and can have an unlimited fun and entertainment.

Chicago River: Through this river one can have a wonderful experience of around 90 minutes which is done in the cruise boat where by drinking the coffee and eating the snacks and having a look at the architecture wonders till we reach Lake Michigan.

Brookfield Zoo: The zoo is been arranged in an area of 125 acres forest where there is dolphin show, motor safari and a wonderful journey in between the dinosaur figures and there is also a fun entertainer where the children are been changed as the adults and vice versa.

Willis Tower: These towers are called as the Ciers towers in the olden days. The architecture of these towers is really amazing and looks very beautiful from a long distance. The total floors in this tower are 108 and the construction of this tower is completed in the year 1974.

Hancock Tower: It is another down town tower which is of 94 floors and the view from the top floor is very beautiful and from there one can see the Michigan Lake on one side and Chicago on three sides which gives complete fun and entertainment to the tourists and leaves a wonderful experience to the people. Besides these tourist places the Adler planetarium, field museum and the shade aquarium are the places to be visited in this tour.

Hindu Temples: the Balaji Temple (Arora), Ramalayam and the Swami Narayana Mandirs are the air conditioned temples. In all these temples handful of badam nuts are given as the prasadam to the devotees. All the goddess idols are placed in a single place so there is no problem of moving here and there to visit all the goddess. Yummy breakfasts are available in the temple canteens on Saturdays and Sundays. Many devotees do the service voluntarily. The priests who came from the Tirupati and Karavadi of Prakasam districts speak English and National languages very fluently. The occasions like Namakaranam and Satyanarayana Vratam are done traditionally in the temples by the priests. The nomulu and vratalu which are done by the people who settled in that place are not done even by other area people. All these resemble the devotional mentality of the people in that area.

Shopping in Chicago

The people who visit Chicago from different places may feel that each and every item is very costlier. Most of the items are been imported from the countries like Pakistan, China, India, Bangladesh and Cambodia. The customers are treated as the god in all the super markets which is the main idea and success secret for good business. The window shopping is very famous and the people get a wonderful experience by this window shopping. There is a compulsory facility of the guest houses in the city. The provisions and the vegetables are found very cheap in the Patel Brothers in the Devan area. Andhra food is available in the restaurants like Vishnu Priya and Dakshin Hotels where there is a system buffet in the Saturdays and Sundays where even the Andhra and foreigners visit and can have a good and yummy food.

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