Churches in Goa built in the Roman-gothic architectural style | Road map and driving directions from Mumbai to Goa

Churches in Goa built in the Roman-gothic architectural style | Road map and driving directions from Mumbai to Goa

UNESCO team travels in the world to selects place and buildings that should be visited by the future generations as World Heritage sites.  UNESCO has selected Goa, Pattadakal and Hampi in India along with other places.

Ancient Goa is on the banks of river Mandavi.  In 16th century Bijapur Nawab Adil shah wanted to change his capital to ancient Goa and built a wonderful palace their.  At the same time Portuguese Army commander occupied this place.  For the next 340 years, Goa was the capital for the Portuguese rule in India.  Not only in trade, culture but also in culture and religion it was similar to the cities of Europe.  The churches in the main square brought back the memories of Portuguese grandeur and Roman Catholic world.

Bam Jesus’ Basilica church

‘Bam Jesus’ Basilica church which was selected as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1986 has the main deity Child Jesus.  The idol is very small.  The idol of St Ignatius Loyola idol which is at the back of Jesus idol is about 3 meter height.  At the top of the head, shining sun and the symbol of I.H.S. Jesuit can be seen.  Saint Loyola is the founder of Jesus Society.  The whole inside of the church has the gold plated covering.  This is the first church in South Asia which got the ‘Basilica’ status.  Roman Catholic Christians visit this church at least once in their life time.

The mortal remaining of St Xavier is preserved in this church.  This saint’s mortal remaining is preserved in a silver box since 400 years.  This box is kept on the right side of the main deity in a three storey marble tomb.  Saint’s body is taken on 3 rd December once for each decade for the devotees to visit. The body is going to taken out in 2014 for this decade.

Se Cathedral

‘Se-cathedral’ church is another famous church which is the biggest church in Asia.  This was built by a Portuguese Emperor.  This was built as a symbol of wealth, authority of Portugal.  This church is dedicated to St. Catherine.  This was built in the Portuguese-Gothic architectural style. Four small temples built for St. Anthony and St. Bernard and others can be seen on the right side of the temple.  The golden bell in the church is the biggest in Asia.  Pope Pious presented a Golden rose to the church in 1953.

St. Francis church

St. Francis church is located at the back of ‘Se-Cathedral’ church.  St. Antony Chapel and Lady of Rosary are the other main churches.  Viceroy Arch is situated on the banks of River Mandavi which has a historical prominence.  Great grand son of Vasco Da Gama, Francisco Da Gama who was a governor built this arch to welcome Portuguese Viceroys who come to Goa.

Road map and driving directions from Mumbai to Goa

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Where is Anjuna Beach in Goa? | How to reach Anjuna Beach? | Interesting places in and around Anjuna village

Where is Anjuna Beach in Goa? | How to reach Anjuna Beach? | Interesting places in and around Anjuna village

Anjuna Beach Goa

Many people plan to spend their holidays in Ooty or Kodaikanal to get relief from souring summer heat.  Visit Goa this time.  Get over fatigue on the beautiful Anjuna beach.  Preserve those beautiful moments for a life time.

Anjuna beach is situated at 18 kilometers from the capital city of Goa.  This is praised as heaven by the tourists.  The waves of Arabian ocean entrance the tourists.  Anjuna beach is care of address for full moon day parties.  These parties are the main attraction here.  There is a fair on every Wednesday.  Nature lovers should visit Anjuna beach at least once in a life time, which gives mental peace as well as experiences which can be preserved for a life time.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Goa is the best place to get mental peace and to spend time in the nature, forgetting the outside world.  Anjuna village lies between Arabian sea and high mountain range, in an area of five square miles. A cave which is formed naturally with big mountain rocks is very beautiful.  The beauty of this cave, which is formed with the combination of white sand and black rocks, cannot be described.  Tourists who visit Anjuna beach, will  desire  to come back again and again.

Trader’s heaven

Wednesday’s in Anjuna, bustle with activity.  This place is crowded with tourist’s vehicle from 11 am itself.  The Wednesday fair is called ‘Wednesday Day flea market’.  Everything is available here.  This is described as the heaven of traders.  Beautifully designed Tibet, Kashmiri and Gujarati clothes are available cheaply here.  Traditional handicrafts are also available here.  Along with these European snacks, music cassettes under the name ‘Goa trans’ are sold like hot cakes.  Artificial jewellery and T-shirts are also available for lesser prices.

Anjuna beach is famous for full moon parties.  Young tourists are attracted to these parties.  There is a worldwide craze for these full moon parties.  These parties continue till the early mornings.  And beach fires go through all the night.  The parties with the full moon light and back ground music of the waves of Arabian Sea stay in the memories of tourists for a long time.  The traditional dances for western music by hippies are the high light of these parties.


Goa has a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year. Coats made with thin wool are needed in December and January months.  April and May months are warmer.  June and October months witness heavy rains. In summer the temperatures are between 240 centigrade and 32.70 centigrade. In winter the temperatures vary between 21.30 and 32.20.

Air Services: Tourists can reach Anjuna beach in many ways.  Air services are available till Dabolim Airport which is 29 kms from Panaji.  Anjuna beach is at the distance of 47 kms from ‘Dabolim’.

Train Journey: Tourists can get down at Karmali Railway Station which is 11 kms from Panaji and reach Anjuna beach which is 29 kms from there.

Road ways: Buses to Anjuna beach (8 kms from Mapusa) are available for every one hour from Mapusa which is at a distance of 18 kms from Panaji. Local bus services are also plenty. Tourists also can hire a motor cycle or a taxi from ‘Mapusa’.

List of top ten beaches in India | All the beaches in the list are not from Goa but also from other parts of India

List of top ten beaches in India | All the beaches in the list are not from Goa but also from other parts of India

There are many number of beaches in Goa.  All these beaches are always busy with foreign tourists.  But the top ten beaches of India are not only from Goa.  Visakha beach is also there in the list of top ten beaches in India. Let us have a look at the top ten beaches list.

  • Anjuna beach – Panaji, Goa
  • Colwa Beach, Goa
  • Baga Beach, Goa
  • Kovalam beach, Kerala
  • Lakshadweep beach, Lakshadweep
  • Merina beach, Chennai
  • Andaman Island beach, Andaman islands
  • Rishikonda beach, Visakhapatnam
  • Calangute beach, Goa
  • Marari beach, Kerala

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Important tourist places in and around Goa | Road (route) map from Mumbai to GOA

Important tourist places in and around Goa | Road (route) map from Mumbai to GOA


The Vascodagama which is the capital Goa during the time of Portuguese is called as Goa in the present.  The three cities called Vascodagama, Panaji and Madagamp are in a triangular shape.  Among these three the cities Panaji and Vasco are on the seashore with the distance of 30 Kilo meters each.  The Madagamp city is around 25 Kilo meters in distance from the shore.

Around the sea cost the hills which are induced inside the ocean divided the coast into two parts.  Even though the entire sea coast has only one ocean, it is called with different names to each and every part available between two hills.  There are five beaches to the southern part of Vascodagama which is called as Northern Goa.  The places to be seen are these beaches only.  The places to be seen which looks very attractive are the hills which are situated far to the city, Mangesh which is in between Forests, Santa Darga temples.

In the part of city where the Vascomo is touched to the places there are lot many churches which are constructed at the time of Portuguese rule.  Among those Churches Saint Francis church is famous. A harbor is situated in between the Vasco and Panaji.  There a lot many lodges and hotels which provides services to the tourists of all the ranges from Middle class to High class and the tour packages which are operated by the various tourist operators to facilitate the tourists.  The people where we have taken the Lodge will provide even the to and fro package tours. In this package they will be shown the Northern side of Goa in one day and southern part of Goa in another day.   The places to be shown as part of the Northern Goa package are the Beaches, temples which are far to the city, Churches which are in the middle of the city.  Coming to the Southern Goa tourism package they will show all the beaches from morning to evening.   One more specialty is that the motor bikes are available for hire to see all the places in Goa on our own.

Road (route) map from Mumbai to GOA

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