Vanadurgamma temple in Edupayalu is situated at a distance of 112kms from Hyderabad | Location map of Edupayala

Vanadurgamma temple in Edupayalu is situated at a distance of 112kms from Hyderabad | Location map of Edupayala

Vanadurgamma temple in Edupayalu

To get some relaxation from the daily routine and pressures, one should go on a tour in to the nature.  There are many places in and around Andhra Pradesh which are full of natural beauty. One such place is Edupayalu.  Edupayalu is at a distance of 112kms from Hyderabad and 18kms from Medak.  River Manjeera flows amidst stones and heaps of rocks in the forest.   There is a cave near the river in which Goddess is worshipped.  On every Sivaratri, a village festival is celebrated here.

From Hyderabad one can travel by car to Edupayalu.  As per the desire of Saptarushulu, Garutmanthudu brought river Bhogavati to the earth.  The river divided in to 7 parts and flowed touching the feet of Saptarushulu (7 sages).  That is why this is called Edupayalu.  Taking bath in this river is good fortune for the devotees and the attractive nature is loved by the tourists.  So this tour can also be enjoyed spiritually.

There are many interesting places on the way to Edupayalu.  There is a small hill after crossing Jeedimetla.  The entrance of the hill is in the shape of an elephant face.  One has to enter the temple from the mouth part of the elephant.  Tourists enter into the reserve forest after crossing Dundugal, Gummadidala and Narsapur.  The road passes through a dense forest.  One can see many monkeys on the trees.

There is a Jain temple at the village of Kolcharam.  The statue of 23rd Teerthankar, Parsvanath is worshipped here. The statue looks like a best example for the skill of the sculptor.  From Muntojipalli, one has to take a left turn to proceed to Edupayalu.  The road is devoid of any traffic.  Occassionally one or two vehicles can be seen going to the Edupayala temple.

Goddess Vanadurgamma is worshipped in a cave.  The idol of the Goddess gives the devotees pure bliss and ecstasy.  Outside the temple there is a small kundam. Though it is small the water in the kundam is crystal clear.  Devotees throw coins in to the water.

If one can climb the hill outside the temple, there is a temple dedicated to Ellamma in a small cave.  Two women priests can be seen in this temple.  An ant hill (putta) is there beside the Goddess. Ghanpur dam is also located nearby.  The length of the dam is  2kms.   River Manjeera divides into 7 sections here.  But these can be seen only from a great height.   Only drawback of this place is the dirt, smell, flies and mosquitoes. If tourism department takes special interest to develop this place, Edupayalu can become a great tourist spot.

Janamejayudu and others wanted to take bath in River Bhogavati.  But the river was in the skies then.  Garutmanta flied to the skies and prayer Bhogavati to descend on the earth.  Bhogavati agreed and followed him to the earth.  Since Garutmanta brought the river to earth it is also called ‘Garudaganga’.  It was welcomed by the Saptarushulu and so the river split into seven sections and touched the feet of the sages.  According to the Brahma Purana all sins will be purified just by thinking of the river during the time when the Sun is in Mesharasi.

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