Most Interesting places in and around Amritsar (Wagha border, Ram Tirth and Jallianwala Bagh)

Most Interesting places in and around Amritsar (Wagha border, Ram Tirth and Jallianwala Bagh)


How to reach Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar?


The jallianwala bagh is near to the golden temple in Amritsar. This is the ground located in between the houses, the way to Jallianwala Bagh  is very narrow. General Dyer had made the shootings on the Indians who assembled in the ground to attend the meeting without any prior information or orders on April 13, 1919. In that incident around 379 people are died and 1200 are injured and around 160 members committed suicide by jumping into the well. Even today, there are the holes on the walls of the bullets that are fired in that incident. After this incident a memorial statue is been built in the ground and there is also a memorial light for the remembrance of the people who died in this incident.

How to reach Ram Tirth, Amritsar?

Ram Tirth is 15 km far away from the Amritsar. The people of that area say that there is a Valmiki ashram and the birth of the great historic leader’s Lava and Kusa took place here only.

Road (route) map to Ram Tirth from Amritsar, Punjab

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How to reach Wagah border?

Next comes the Bharat Pakistan border area called the Wagah border. Wagah border ( India -Pakistan Border) is located 28 Kms from Amritsar. In that area there commences the retreat ceremony during the sunset time. In that parade both the Indians and the Pakistan soldiers appear in the form of challenging each other and place their National Flags down to the earth. During the time of that parade the doors which are in between the India and Pakistan are opened and so that is why it is called as the retreat ceremony. Before the ceremony starts the army people give the flags to the children and ask them to go to the gate which is the border of India and Pakistan and after that they play the national anthems and encourage everyone to dance and sing. After this some of the soldiers come and play the trumpet which symbolizes that the ceremony is started. The height of the soldiers is around 6 feet high and the height of the legs that they raise up when doing the parade will be 7 feet high. In between the parade one of the officer shouts that Bharath Mata Ki Jai as heard by the Pakistan soldiers. For the normal tourists to visit the place must have the visa and in the same way the bus, Sada-a-Sarihad, which travels in between the India and Pakistan has to pass from this area only. The Lahore which is one of the famous places in the Pakistan is around 23km away from the place.

Road (route) map to Wagah Border from Amritsar, Punjab

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