Tourist Places in around Kurukshetra | Location Map of Brahma Sarovar in Kurukshetra

Tourist Places in around Kurukshetra | Location Map of Brahma Sarovar in Kurukshetra

Brahma Sarovar in Kurukshetra

Haryana state starts from the outskirts of New Delhi. To be frankly there is no famous place in Haryana as a tourist place other than Kurukshetra. Even one more place which can be seen is Chandigarh. The distance between Delhi and Kurushetra is around 160 Kilometers where as the distance to Chandigarh from Delhi is 260 Kilometers. All the trains which go to Chandigarh have to pass through Kurushetra only.

Tourist Places in around Kurukshetra: Important place which can be seen in Kurukshetra is Brahma Sarovar. The pilgrims believe that having bath in Brahma Sarovar is very sacred. Next to that is the Jyothi Sarovar and there is an historical belief that on the banks of this river Lord Sri Krishna delivered the holy and sacred Bhavadgita to Lord Arjuna during the time of Kurushetra. There is another important sacred place called Banaganga where legend among Kaurava Sena, Lord Bhisma Pitamah epic lay on the bed of arrows. Lord Lakshmi Narayan temple, Sri Krishna Museum and other temples are at the side of the Brahma Sarovar. There are number of Dharmashala are there around the Brahma Sarovar.

In the Kurukshetra, there is a part called Thaneshwar which has a oldest temple of Lord Stanu Mahadev. Due to the Stanu Mahadev temple is in that place, so the name of that place is called Sthaneshwar. In the place of Sthaneshwar there was one oldest temple of Goddess Bhadrakali which is one of Shakthi peetas among them in India.

Around 20 Kilometers distance from Kurukshetra, another oldest sacred place called Pahuva which has a lot many oldest temples. Among them Krishna – Yudhistera temple, Prudvishwara Mahadev temple, Lord Pasupathi temple, Lord Shiva are some of them.

Location Map of Brahma Sarovar in Kurukshetra
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