Kashmir reminds of apples, Himalayas, boat houses and beautiful people | Dal Lake in Kashmir is like a town on water with houses, markets and lotus gardens

Kashmir reminds of apples, Himalayas, boat houses and beautiful people | Dal Lake in Kashmir is like a town on water with houses, markets and lotus gardens

Kashmir looks like a beautiful painting created by God.  Kashmir flourishes with Himalaya mountains, green hills and flat stretch of land.  There are many apple, pine, chinar and Deodar trees.  Jhelum, Tawi and Chenab rivers flow in Kashmir.

Vaishnodevi temple is situated in Himalaya Mountains.  Tourists have to obtain a permission letter from security forces to visit the temple.  Leather and electronic goods are not allowed.  Travelling on horse backs on the steep hills is a scary experience.  Devotees even walk on foot shouting ‘Jai matadi’.  Dry fruits are sold everywhere. Journey to the temple will be a pleasant journey.

Security checking is conducted all through the journey.  Pilgrimage to Vaishnodevi is not complete without Visiting Bhairavanath temple.  Devotees can reach Bhairavanath temple travelling on the horse back.  There are deep valleys beside the roads and tourists who are new to this journey will get scared when the horses run on the hill steps.

Journey to Kashmir can begin from Katra.  Patny Top is situated at a distance from Katra.  River Tawi flows in the valleys near Patny Top.  Baglihar dam is built on River Chenab at Badaat.  Nehru tunnel is also situated on this route which is 2,577 mtrs.  Crossing Nehru tunnel means entering Kashmir.  Two and half hours journey in the tunnel is a memorable experience.

Roads of Kashmir are full of Military vehicles.  Military camps can be seen on the hills around.  Soldiers guard Kashmir with alertness.  Vehicles of tourists are also checked.

Pilgrimage to Amarnath starts from Shiva Temple at Pahalgaon.  This is said to be the place where Lord Shiva left his Nandi while going to Amarnath caves.    This place was called Bhairavagaon earlier and became Pahalgaon now.  Beauty of nature cannot be described in words.

Dal lake

Pampore is famous for saffron flowers.  Tourists can reach Srinagar via Pampore.  Dal Lake can be seen while travelling to Srinagar.  There will be many boat houses in Dal lake ready to welcome the tourists.  Nishanth and Shalimar gardens are other interesting places.

Jahangir hotel is a famous hotel at Srinagar.  This hotel is built in wood.  Curtains, blankets used in the hotel are an example of the hand work of Kashmiris.  Chinar leaves designs can be seen on almost everything.  Chinar trees are the providers of oxygen to these people.  So they do not spare the persons who pluck even a single leaf of Chinar.

Nishanth gardens are another interesting tourist place in Srinagar.  It has Himalayan Mountains in the back ground and is located in the middle of Dal Lake.  Shalimar gardens were built by Jahangir for his wife Noorjahan.  This garden is built in   storey and has rock fountains from this end to that end.  Small rest rooms are built here and there.  A palace is also built at the end of the garden.  This palace was used as a summer retreat.

Boats used on Dal Lake are made with Pine wood.  The wood is soaked in water for 7 – 8 years and boats are made with that wood.  Each boat cost above Rs.3 crores. Therefore the rents of these boats are also high.  These boats have hall, bed room, kitchen and garden.  Foreign tourists mostly stay in these boat houses.  This lake looks like a town on water.  Markets, houses, hospitals and lotus gardens can be seen in the lake.  Every boat house will have small boats tied in the front of them.  A fort is seen on a hill from Dal Lake.  That fort belongs to King Harisingh, last ruler of Kashmir.  Presently this fort is called Akbar Fort.

Sankaracharya temple is built on a hill near the lake at a height of 1000 feet.  This temple was believed to be built by Pandavas and was renovated by Sankaracharya.  There is a 3 to 4 feet shivalingam in the temple.

Gulmarg is situated in Baramullah district and is at a height of 9,000kms from sea level.  Apple gardens, mountains and streams can be seen all through the journey.  After travelling for three hours, a vast grass land can be seen having Himalayas as its back ground.  This ground changes into scating ground in winter and in other seasons it is used as a polo ground.

Small yellow colour flowers can be seen in large numbers.  Fruit bushes bearing yellow colour fruits are available here and it is said that bears eat the dry fruits of these flowers and go into hibernations during winter.  Twenty years back Kashmir was different with cinema shooting and national and international tourists.  Local people say that Pakisthan wants the pine trees grown in this area and pakisthan’s fight is not for Kashmiris but for the Pine tree because they are very expensive.  Terrorists used to come to the people of this area at mid night asking for dinner.  Security forces used to punish those who provide food to terrorists.  Presently situation in Kashmir is under control as the Indian government could able to control terrorism and tourists are visiting Kashmir though in small numbers.  People of Kashmir depend mostly on tourists for their livelihood.

There are also some people in Kashmir who support Pakisthan.  Kashmir is like a rose flower surrounded by thorns called terrorism.

Tourists can visit Punjab after Kashmir.  As every Indian is aware, Jallianwala bagh in Amritsar is a painful incident in Indian history.  Marks of cartridges on the walls remind one of the cruelty of General Dyer.  Golden temple, Wagha border are a must visit places in Punjab.

Where is spice village located? | Why is spice village famous and why are tourists attracted towards this village?

Where is spice village located? | Why is spice village famous and why are tourists attracted towards this village?

Spice Village Spice Village

The spice village is a beautiful one and it is above 2000 feet above the Periyar forest. It is located at 110 kilometers from Kottayam and Munnar. There is continuous snowfall in this area and the houses in this area are very creative. They are constructed in a traditional way and they can enjoy the whole day with the smell of the coffee plants. As soon as we land in this village, we will be very happy and we can enjoy the life on the earth. This is the best place for holiday and the tourists can enjoy their holidays and it is like a heaven for them.

Periyar protection center:

There is another small village on the other side of this forest and it is called as Kumili. The Periyar protection center is only 4 kilometers away from the village. There are more numbers of flowers which will attract the people. There are many other animals which move around easily and they attract the tourists easily. There is a boating place also and the tourists can go around the place in the boat. They can also visit the old temple in this area which is in 777 acres of land. They can see 143 varieties of birds here.

Places which attract:

We should first remember the CGH aurvedic center and the doctors here treat for many diseases. Many tourists bring their family members and get the treatment done. Everyone should visit this spice village as it is very attractive and beautiful.

Kerala, God’s own country has many beautiful places to offer to the tourists | Cochin, Guruvayur, Tekkadi, Munnar… endless list of interesting places in Kerala

Kerala, God’s own country has many beautiful places to offer to the tourists | Cochin, Guruvayur, Tekkadi, Munnar… endless list of interesting places in Kerala

Kerala is called the God’s own country.  Tourists from Andhra Pradesh can start their tour of Kerala from Ernakulam. Many packages are available that take care of the tourist’s accommodation and food needs. Coconut trees and beautiful nature welcome the guests with pleasant atmosphere.

The first place to visit is Kovalam.  All through the journey coconut trees accompany the tourists.  Small canals travel along with them.  Red tiled houses look like toy houses in the midst of so much greenery.  Tourists reach Kovalam by 01.00pm.  Kovalam looks most beautiful with hills, sea, coconut trees, and restaurants on the hills.  Hemakk or net cradles are the main attractions here.

Trivandrum in Kerala has the famous Padmanabha Swamy temple.  The idol of Padmavabha swamy is in reclining position.  Devotees have to have the darshan of the Idol through three doors.  Idol in this temple is the largest idol.  There is also another idol of Vishnu in the form of Mohini.  Nagalakshmi, Naga chamundi, Vishnu Murthy temples can be visited while going to Aleppo from Kovalam.

Aleppo is called the ‘Venice of the East’ as it is full of canals.  House boats are the special tourists attraction in Aleppo.  House boats have 3 bed rooms, kitchen and a hall.  Experience of staying in moving hotels is unforgettable. The boat moves slowly in the backwaters.

View from the boat house around looks like a perfect picture post card with water around, coconut and banana gardens and houses in the middle of them.  Many massage centers are found here in Aleppo.

Tourists will be spell bounded by the beauty around and will not want to blink their eyelids.  Boating is available in the Vembanad Lake also.

Tekkadi is the next destination for the tourists.  Rubber plantations are seen in this journey.  Iron containers are tied to the trees and covered with plastic sheets.  Rubber milk gathers in the container.  Waterfalls and Tea plantations create scenic beauty and serenity.  Mother looks like wearing a green sari.

In Tekkadi many cottages are built in the forests. There is also a lake in the middle of the river.  Main attraction of Tekkadi is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.  Visitors can get into the three storey boats in the lake and take a look around.  Nilgiri deers, monkeys etc are found here.  Tigers also can be seen sometimes.

Munnar is the place where three rivers Nallathanni, Kundala, Mudrapuzha meet.  ‘Munu’ in Malayalam means three ‘Aru’ means River.  Munnar in Kerala is the most famous tourist destination with Tata Tea estates and Mahindra resorts.

Visitors have to travels on a ghat road to reach Munnar.  ‘Lock Heart Gap’ is written on a board leading to Munnar.  The nature really locks the hearts of the visitors with high water falls, tea plantations and shiny white clouds.

Munnar is situated at a height of 1600 to 1800 mtrs above the sea level and is called the ‘Himalayas of South India’.  The height of ‘Anamudi’  peak is 2695mtrs.  ‘Mattupetty’ dam is also located here. The beauty of tea plantations from this dam cannot be described in words.  There are hundred thousands of tea plantations on these mountains in Western Ghats. Eucalyptus trees also give a treat to the eyes.  These trees seem like touching the skies.

Munnar has many beautiful lakes.  Echo point is one of them.  Tourists forget even to blink their eyes in the fear of missing the beauty around.  Top station is a small village located in the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border.  This village is famous for Neelakurinji flowers which bloom for every 12 years.

Eravikulam Park is situated at a distance of 17kms from Munnar.  It houses Nilagiri deers, Sambars, and Langur monkeys.  This park is also famous for rare flower species.

Kaladi, the birth place of Sankaracharya is in Cochin.  The building has the idols of Lord Subrahmanya, Vighneswara and Parvathi.

Dutch palace in Cochin houses many paintings are rare articles of King Kerala Verma and Ram verma.  Catching fishes by Chinese fishing nets is very interesting.

Tourists who visit Kerala compulsorily come to Guruvayur to have a darshan of Lord Krishna.  Anybody will have to stand in the queue to have a darshan of God.  Idol in this temple is very small but exhibits lifelike appearance.

Activities / Specialties in Shilparamam | Location Map of Shilparamam, Hyderabad

Activities / Specialties in Shilparamam | Location Map of Shilparamam, Hyderabad


In olden days Festival means songs by Haridasu, Rangolis in front of the house and placed Gobbemmalu on the top of Rangoli, dances of the buffaloes with the blessing songs sung by the two persons which is called as Gangiredhula Melam and so on. Which creates an attractive to the festival which are celebrated in the villages. In order to watch those kinds of arrangements for the Sankranthi festival one has to say hello to the villages. Now, for the people who are busy in their mechanical life and don’t have time to go to the villages to enjoy such a real beauty of the festivals then one can celebrate in the living city itself by just visiting a place called  Shilparamam. The journey itself seems to be like a festival. The experience which we get from the journey to Shilparamam which resembles the village atmosphere is really a wonder and unforgettable one.

Platform for the Arts and Handmade works…

The journey to Shilparamam will be in such a way that almost all these discussed issues are been covered in this trip. One can rewind the forgotten customs and traditions in this busy life in the journey to Shilparamam and can explain it to their children’s who don’t the real festival atmosphere, customs and traditions. The Shilparamam which is there in the area of around 65 acres is specially designed as an Arts and Crafts village. One can get real feel that all the items which are placed in the Shilparamam are a human beings like them. The exhibitions which are of the handloom products goes on for the whole year in this place. The people from various places used to come here and exhibit their talent to the people which is a wonder and beautiful. The exhibition contains the items like clothes, paintings, toys and decorative articles and so on which are made by the people from village background are exhibited in the exhibition. In this way daily 100 stalls are arranged for the exhibition. One of the specialty of these hand crafts exhibition is almost all the items are been prepared in the Shilparamam only. There are training classes for the people who are interested in the hand crafts and traditional dances and so on.

Stage of Traditional Enjoyment

The Gotipuva is one of the famous dance which is done just with the simple moments of the eyes and body and it is the origin of Orissa which is a traditional one. The Yakshaganam which is in the form of dance and songs which contains the subject of the Maha Bharatam is not seen anywhere. In this way there are many in the list which are to be seen. One has to visit the Shilparamam to have a look at the traditional dances and occasions just by giving a break for the modern disco and pub programs and make the mind feel fresh and pleasant. One can view the traditional dances and attractive cultural programmes in the Amphi Theater for free of cost. All these are there every day on the eve of Sankranthi. One can enjoy the traditional ride by paying Rs.5 and can ride on the buffaloes for a few minutes which is very different and the habit of the village people. The boating in Shilparamam is another kind of interesting program for the tourists. There are some of the special games which are played in our childhood like Vamana Gunalu and so on is made to play by both the children and parents. The puppet show is another famous interesting show in Shilparamam.


The value of the mud is not known to any other people on this earth as known for the Indians because agriculture and cultivation id the main means of living in our country. The rural museum which is there in the Shilparamam is very beautiful and very attractive where all the images are made of mud and they appear as if they are the real human beings with life in them. All these statues resemble the life in the village and rural areas. It is one of the art gallery that is to be visited by the people in the Shilparamam.


The Feast

The people who visit Shilparamam can taste various foods which are very tasty. The traditional items like Sunni Vundalu, Pulihora, Boorelu, Bobbatlu, and Putarekulu and so on are been prepared and are kept for the sale. Besides there are the Rural Food Courts that are arranged in the Shilparamam where delicious food is been available. The rock museum which is arranged under the name of Nature Raaga and there are health centers for the people who wish to cure the diseases through nature medicines. The rock heights and the shilpa kala Vedika are the functions which are convenient for the functions. Most of the functions of the great personalities are been conducted here and by this the greatness of the place and its beauty is well known to everyone.


Location Map of Shilparamam, Hyderabad:

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AP Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) offering packages to Bhadrachalam and Papikondalu

AP Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) offering packages to Bhadrachalam and Papikondalu | Tour itinerary, tariffs for Bhadrachalam tour and phone numbers of APTDC
Bhadrachalam and Papikondalu
Mountains and hills that capture the hearts of the tourists, nature at its best and boat journey in the lap of gracefully flowing River Godavari are the important features of trip to Papikondalu.  It would be an experience that can be cherished throughout the life.  Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation is offering a package to Papikondalu which includes the visit to Bhadrachalam.  This would begin soon.  This package would be available only in the weekends.  Journey will start on every Friday night at Hyderabad and end with returning to Hyderabad on Monday evening.

Detailed Tour Itinerary

The bus will start at Hyderabad at 09.30pm on every Friday.  It reaches Bhadrachalam on the next day at 06.00am.  Tourists will be taken to local tour after having the darshan of Lord Rama and the breakfast.  Lunch will be arranged at Haritha hotel in Bhadrachalam.  The bus again will start at 01.30pm and reach Sri Ramagiri by 03.30pm.  Papikondalu tour in boat will begin from here.  The boat reaches Kollur at 05.30pm and the tourists will be taken to have the darshan of Lord Shiva in Perantalapalli.  After tea and snacks tourists can enjoy the camp fire and a hot dinner.  Accommodation will be provided to tourists in the cottages built with bamboo sticks.  Next day return journey to Sri Ramagiri will start after breakfast and by 08.30pm the boat reaches Bhadrachalam.  The tour ends at Hyderabad on Monday morning at 05.00am.  Accommodation, breakfast and food are included in the package.

Details of package

Package tariff is Rs.2,800 for elders and Rs.2,250 for children in air conditioned bus.  For non-ac bus tourists will have to pay Rs.2,300 for elders and Rs.1,850 for children.

Tourists are requested to make a call to the Central Reservation Office, Basheerbagh to know more details of the package on phone numbers 040-23298456, 66746370, 6674986.

  • Tank bund office: Phone no. 040-65581555, 23450165
  • Tourism Plaza, Green land: Phone no. 65571682, 23414334

Yatri Nivas, Secunderabad : Phone no. 040-27893100, 27816375

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Cruise in River Narmada on full moon day | Interesting tourist places around Bhedaghat

Cruise in River Narmada on full moon day | Interesting tourist places around Bhedaghat Bhedaghat Cruise in River Narmada for a distance of 1 ½ kilo meter in between the 30 meter height marble rocks is a memorable experience.  The journey takes 45 minutes.  The depth of Narmada River here is around 30 – 80 meters.  On a full moon day the marble hills look arrestingly beautiful. A big celebration takes place in Bhedaghat after Deepavali and thousands of people from the surrounding areas attend this celebration.  Chau sat yogini temple is situated near the Panchavati Ghat.  Exquisitely carved stone statues belonging to 12th century can be seen here.  This temple was built by the Kalchuri dynasty rulers in 1156 AD.  Sculptures that resemble the sculptures of Khajuraho can be seen here. At a distance of 2 kilo meters from Bedaghat on the Jabalpur and Sahpur route is the Narmada waterfall which falls from a height of 20 meters.  The sound of this waterfall is heard from a distance of 1 ½ kilo meter.  Narmada River originates from Vindhyachalam, Maclay Mountains which are at a height of 1070 meters and travels through Madhyapradesh, Maharashtra and meets the Arabian Sea. Madiya, a small hill of 100 meter height is situated at a distance of 6 kilometer from Jabalpur which has 12 Jain temples and 24 other temples on top of it.  This is a beautiful spot.  265 steps take the visitors to the top of the temple. Tilwarghar picnic spot Tilwarghar picnic spot is on the banks of Narmada River.  A memorial of Gandhiji is constructed here.  Later it was developed as a tourist spot. Pachmarhi Pachmarhi is another place.  This is situated at a distance of 225 kilo meters from Jabalpur.  Waterfalls and lakes of this place transport the visitors into another world. Apsara Vihar This is situated at a distance of 5 kilo meters.  A lake made with the waters of a water fall is present here.  Arrangements are made for the tourists to taken bath and to swim.

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