Where is Anjuna Beach in Goa? | How to reach Anjuna Beach? | Interesting places in and around Anjuna village

Where is Anjuna Beach in Goa? | How to reach Anjuna Beach? | Interesting places in and around Anjuna village

Anjuna Beach Goa

Many people plan to spend their holidays in Ooty or Kodaikanal to get relief from souring summer heat.  Visit Goa this time.  Get over fatigue on the beautiful Anjuna beach.  Preserve those beautiful moments for a life time.

Anjuna beach is situated at 18 kilometers from the capital city of Goa.  This is praised as heaven by the tourists.  The waves of Arabian ocean entrance the tourists.  Anjuna beach is care of address for full moon day parties.  These parties are the main attraction here.  There is a fair on every Wednesday.  Nature lovers should visit Anjuna beach at least once in a life time, which gives mental peace as well as experiences which can be preserved for a life time.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Goa is the best place to get mental peace and to spend time in the nature, forgetting the outside world.  Anjuna village lies between Arabian sea and high mountain range, in an area of five square miles. A cave which is formed naturally with big mountain rocks is very beautiful.  The beauty of this cave, which is formed with the combination of white sand and black rocks, cannot be described.  Tourists who visit Anjuna beach, will  desire  to come back again and again.

Trader’s heaven

Wednesday’s in Anjuna, bustle with activity.  This place is crowded with tourist’s vehicle from 11 am itself.  The Wednesday fair is called ‘Wednesday Day flea market’.  Everything is available here.  This is described as the heaven of traders.  Beautifully designed Tibet, Kashmiri and Gujarati clothes are available cheaply here.  Traditional handicrafts are also available here.  Along with these European snacks, music cassettes under the name ‘Goa trans’ are sold like hot cakes.  Artificial jewellery and T-shirts are also available for lesser prices.

Anjuna beach is famous for full moon parties.  Young tourists are attracted to these parties.  There is a worldwide craze for these full moon parties.  These parties continue till the early mornings.  And beach fires go through all the night.  The parties with the full moon light and back ground music of the waves of Arabian Sea stay in the memories of tourists for a long time.  The traditional dances for western music by hippies are the high light of these parties.


Goa has a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year. Coats made with thin wool are needed in December and January months.  April and May months are warmer.  June and October months witness heavy rains. In summer the temperatures are between 240 centigrade and 32.70 centigrade. In winter the temperatures vary between 21.30 and 32.20.

Air Services: Tourists can reach Anjuna beach in many ways.  Air services are available till Dabolim Airport which is 29 kms from Panaji.  Anjuna beach is at the distance of 47 kms from ‘Dabolim’.

Train Journey: Tourists can get down at Karmali Railway Station which is 11 kms from Panaji and reach Anjuna beach which is 29 kms from there.

Road ways: Buses to Anjuna beach (8 kms from Mapusa) are available for every one hour from Mapusa which is at a distance of 18 kms from Panaji. Local bus services are also plenty. Tourists also can hire a motor cycle or a taxi from ‘Mapusa’.

Kerala, God’s own country has many beautiful places to offer to the tourists | Cochin, Guruvayur, Tekkadi, Munnar… endless list of interesting places in Kerala

Kerala, God’s own country has many beautiful places to offer to the tourists | Cochin, Guruvayur, Tekkadi, Munnar… endless list of interesting places in Kerala

Kerala is called the God’s own country.  Tourists from Andhra Pradesh can start their tour of Kerala from Ernakulam. Many packages are available that take care of the tourist’s accommodation and food needs. Coconut trees and beautiful nature welcome the guests with pleasant atmosphere.

The first place to visit is Kovalam.  All through the journey coconut trees accompany the tourists.  Small canals travel along with them.  Red tiled houses look like toy houses in the midst of so much greenery.  Tourists reach Kovalam by 01.00pm.  Kovalam looks most beautiful with hills, sea, coconut trees, and restaurants on the hills.  Hemakk or net cradles are the main attractions here.

Trivandrum in Kerala has the famous Padmanabha Swamy temple.  The idol of Padmavabha swamy is in reclining position.  Devotees have to have the darshan of the Idol through three doors.  Idol in this temple is the largest idol.  There is also another idol of Vishnu in the form of Mohini.  Nagalakshmi, Naga chamundi, Vishnu Murthy temples can be visited while going to Aleppo from Kovalam.

Aleppo is called the ‘Venice of the East’ as it is full of canals.  House boats are the special tourists attraction in Aleppo.  House boats have 3 bed rooms, kitchen and a hall.  Experience of staying in moving hotels is unforgettable. The boat moves slowly in the backwaters.

View from the boat house around looks like a perfect picture post card with water around, coconut and banana gardens and houses in the middle of them.  Many massage centers are found here in Aleppo.

Tourists will be spell bounded by the beauty around and will not want to blink their eyelids.  Boating is available in the Vembanad Lake also.

Tekkadi is the next destination for the tourists.  Rubber plantations are seen in this journey.  Iron containers are tied to the trees and covered with plastic sheets.  Rubber milk gathers in the container.  Waterfalls and Tea plantations create scenic beauty and serenity.  Mother looks like wearing a green sari.

In Tekkadi many cottages are built in the forests. There is also a lake in the middle of the river.  Main attraction of Tekkadi is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.  Visitors can get into the three storey boats in the lake and take a look around.  Nilgiri deers, monkeys etc are found here.  Tigers also can be seen sometimes.

Munnar is the place where three rivers Nallathanni, Kundala, Mudrapuzha meet.  ‘Munu’ in Malayalam means three ‘Aru’ means River.  Munnar in Kerala is the most famous tourist destination with Tata Tea estates and Mahindra resorts.

Visitors have to travels on a ghat road to reach Munnar.  ‘Lock Heart Gap’ is written on a board leading to Munnar.  The nature really locks the hearts of the visitors with high water falls, tea plantations and shiny white clouds.

Munnar is situated at a height of 1600 to 1800 mtrs above the sea level and is called the ‘Himalayas of South India’.  The height of ‘Anamudi’  peak is 2695mtrs.  ‘Mattupetty’ dam is also located here. The beauty of tea plantations from this dam cannot be described in words.  There are hundred thousands of tea plantations on these mountains in Western Ghats. Eucalyptus trees also give a treat to the eyes.  These trees seem like touching the skies.

Munnar has many beautiful lakes.  Echo point is one of them.  Tourists forget even to blink their eyes in the fear of missing the beauty around.  Top station is a small village located in the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border.  This village is famous for Neelakurinji flowers which bloom for every 12 years.

Eravikulam Park is situated at a distance of 17kms from Munnar.  It houses Nilagiri deers, Sambars, and Langur monkeys.  This park is also famous for rare flower species.

Kaladi, the birth place of Sankaracharya is in Cochin.  The building has the idols of Lord Subrahmanya, Vighneswara and Parvathi.

Dutch palace in Cochin houses many paintings are rare articles of King Kerala Verma and Ram verma.  Catching fishes by Chinese fishing nets is very interesting.

Tourists who visit Kerala compulsorily come to Guruvayur to have a darshan of Lord Krishna.  Anybody will have to stand in the queue to have a darshan of God.  Idol in this temple is very small but exhibits lifelike appearance.

Interesting tourist attractions in Pondicherry (Puducherry) | How to reach Pondicherry

Interesting tourist attractions in Pondicherry (Puducherry) | How to reach Pondicherry

Puducherry is a Union Territory which has links with the origins of three states.  National and International tourists visit this place throughout the year. This place was under French rule for a long time.  So the structures and culture has the flavor of French.  Of all the places, the Ashram established by Aurobinbo Ghosh has much importance.  Tourists visit this place compulsorily.  Other attractions are the beautiful beaches, French architecture and the nearby Tiruvannamalai. Generally the weather is very hot here. Tourists get the feeling that they are on a foreign land.  People from 35 countries can be seen here.  Peaceful life style of the people is fascinating.

Aurobindo Ashram
This was established in the year 1920.  Aurobindo Ghosh was a great poet and a philosopher.  This is a perfect center for meditation.  This Ashram has 1200 members including 400 students.  The Ashram is running various small scale industries for the benefit of these members.  The surroundings of the Ashram are pleasant and peaceful.  Visitors are allowed in to the Ashram at fixed times daily.  Every year International Yoga Festival is held here.  People who follow Aurobindo Ghosh participate in this festival in more numbers.

Ancient treasure
Another important building in Puducherry is Pondicherry Museum.  Many ancient valuable things can be seen here.  There is special French division in this museum.  This helps the visitors to know about the French culture.  Many things used by the French rulers are preserved here.  Many snail shells are also been exhibited in this museum.

Beautiful sea shore
Promenade beach is situated in the north side of Puducherry.  One and a half kilometer length sea shore is very convenient for the visitors to enjoy.  This is the most famous beach in India.  Bike riding facilities are provided here.  Tourists can also see the statue of Mahatma Gandhi and other beautiful constructions.

Aroville town is situated at a distance of 10kms from Puducherry.  Total number of people in this town is 2170 till the end of April, 2010.  Speciality about this town is that all the residents here are foreigners.  They belong to 35 different countries.  This town is specially designed for foreigners.  This was formulated by Mataji Mirra Alfasa in 1930 and was designed by Roger Anger.  This proposal was sent to the Government by Sri Aurobindo Society and they approved it. Then it was sent to the UNESCO General Assembly.  The proposal got the approval from them also.  This town was built to accommodate 50,000 foreigners.  This was built as a symbol for the unity of people of the world.  ‘Matri Mandir’, a prayer hall is built in the middle of the town.  The shape of this prayer hall is unique.

How to reach Pondicherry from Chennai
Chennai city is at a distance of 135kms from here.  Buses are available from Chennai to Puducherry.  While going by train one has to get down at Villupuram station.

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Puducherry is the house for foreigners from 35 countries

Puducherry is the house for foreigners from 35 countries | Beaches, churches and French architecture greets the visitors at Puducherry
Puducherry is a union territory that has its route connected to three states.  National as well as international tourists visit Puducherry in large numbers all through the year.  This place was under French rule for a long time and so their influence can be seen in the constructions and traditions of people of Puducherry.

An Ashram established by Arabindo Ghosh is a very important place in Puducherry.  Tourists visit this ashram compulsorily.  French architecture, beautiful beaches and the nearby Tiruvannamalai attract the tourists.  Generally the climate here is hot.

Arabindo Ashram

Arabindo Ghosh established this ashram in 1920.  He was a great poet and a philosopher. This is a good place for meditation.  There are 400 students and 1200 members in this ashram.  Ashram is conducting many cottage industries for the benefit of these members.  Surroundings of Ashram are very peaceful and pleasant.  Every day visitors are allowed into the ashram at fixed times.  Every year International Yoga Festival is celebrated here in every January.  Followers and devotees of Arabindo Ghosh participate in this festival in large numbers.

Puducherry Museum

Another important place in Puducherry is the museum.  Many ancient artifacts can be seen in this museum.  There is a French division in this museum that helps in knowing the French culture.   Many articles used by the French rulers are kept here.  This museum also houses rare shells.

Beautiful Promanade beach

Promanade beach is in the north side of the town.  One a half kilometer sea shore is very convenient for the tourists for bike riding etc.  There is a statue of Gandhi and many beautiful constructions can also be seen.

Auroville town

Most important tourist spot in Puducherry is the Auroville town situated at a distance of 10 kms from Puducherry.  Population of Auroville town is 2170.  The special feature of this town is that all the citizens of Auroville town are foreigners.  They belong to 35 countries.  This town is specially constructed for foreigners.  This was designed in the year 1930.  Sri Aurobindo Society had sent proposals to central government about this town and it was okayed by the central government and was sent to UNESCO general Assembly.  It was approved there also and the town was built for the foreigners.  Auroville is designed to accommodate at least 50,000 foreigners.

Matri Mandir is located in the center of the town for meditation.  The shape of this construction is very unique.

Places of interest in Puducherry

There is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh which has a golden gopuram. 40 different forms of Lord Ganesh can be seen on the walls of this temple.  A church built in 1865 is also a must visit place.  This is very special in the way it was constructed.  Mosque in Mulla street is also very famous.

Travelling for 3 hours from Puducherry takes the visitors to Tiruvannamalai.  Lord Arunachaleshwar is the deity here.  A temple of Murugan is situated at a distance of 50kms from Puducherry.  This temple is located on a hill.  Devotees throng this temple in large numbers during March and April for the Panguni Uthiram festival.

Another temple dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva which is built by Mahendra Verma – 1,  a pallava king is situated at Mandagupattu.  The construction style and architecture of this temple is very beautiful and it should be visited at least once.  Chidambaram town is at a distance of 112kms from Puducherry.  Visiting Chidambaram will make the trip a memorable one.

Chennai is situated at a distance of 135kms from Puducherry.  Buses are available from Chennai to Puducherry for every few minutes.  While travelling by train, tourists have to get down at Villupuram station.

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List of top ten beaches in India | All the beaches in the list are not from Goa but also from other parts of India

List of top ten beaches in India | All the beaches in the list are not from Goa but also from other parts of India

There are many number of beaches in Goa.  All these beaches are always busy with foreign tourists.  But the top ten beaches of India are not only from Goa.  Visakha beach is also there in the list of top ten beaches in India. Let us have a look at the top ten beaches list.

  • Anjuna beach – Panaji, Goa
  • Colwa Beach, Goa
  • Baga Beach, Goa
  • Kovalam beach, Kerala
  • Lakshadweep beach, Lakshadweep
  • Merina beach, Chennai
  • Andaman Island beach, Andaman islands
  • Rishikonda beach, Visakhapatnam
  • Calangute beach, Goa
  • Marari beach, Kerala

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Important tourist places in and around Goa | Road (route) map from Mumbai to GOA

Important tourist places in and around Goa | Road (route) map from Mumbai to GOA


The Vascodagama which is the capital Goa during the time of Portuguese is called as Goa in the present.  The three cities called Vascodagama, Panaji and Madagamp are in a triangular shape.  Among these three the cities Panaji and Vasco are on the seashore with the distance of 30 Kilo meters each.  The Madagamp city is around 25 Kilo meters in distance from the shore.

Around the sea cost the hills which are induced inside the ocean divided the coast into two parts.  Even though the entire sea coast has only one ocean, it is called with different names to each and every part available between two hills.  There are five beaches to the southern part of Vascodagama which is called as Northern Goa.  The places to be seen are these beaches only.  The places to be seen which looks very attractive are the hills which are situated far to the city, Mangesh which is in between Forests, Santa Darga temples.

In the part of city where the Vascomo is touched to the places there are lot many churches which are constructed at the time of Portuguese rule.  Among those Churches Saint Francis church is famous. A harbor is situated in between the Vasco and Panaji.  There a lot many lodges and hotels which provides services to the tourists of all the ranges from Middle class to High class and the tour packages which are operated by the various tourist operators to facilitate the tourists.  The people where we have taken the Lodge will provide even the to and fro package tours. In this package they will be shown the Northern side of Goa in one day and southern part of Goa in another day.   The places to be shown as part of the Northern Goa package are the Beaches, temples which are far to the city, Churches which are in the middle of the city.  Coming to the Southern Goa tourism package they will show all the beaches from morning to evening.   One more specialty is that the motor bikes are available for hire to see all the places in Goa on our own.

Road (route) map from Mumbai to GOA

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