Activities / Specialties in Shilparamam | Location Map of Shilparamam, Hyderabad

Activities / Specialties in Shilparamam | Location Map of Shilparamam, Hyderabad


In olden days Festival means songs by Haridasu, Rangolis in front of the house and placed Gobbemmalu on the top of Rangoli, dances of the buffaloes with the blessing songs sung by the two persons which is called as Gangiredhula Melam and so on. Which creates an attractive to the festival which are celebrated in the villages. In order to watch those kinds of arrangements for the Sankranthi festival one has to say hello to the villages. Now, for the people who are busy in their mechanical life and don’t have time to go to the villages to enjoy such a real beauty of the festivals then one can celebrate in the living city itself by just visiting a place called  Shilparamam. The journey itself seems to be like a festival. The experience which we get from the journey to Shilparamam which resembles the village atmosphere is really a wonder and unforgettable one.

Platform for the Arts and Handmade works…

The journey to Shilparamam will be in such a way that almost all these discussed issues are been covered in this trip. One can rewind the forgotten customs and traditions in this busy life in the journey to Shilparamam and can explain it to their children’s who don’t the real festival atmosphere, customs and traditions. The Shilparamam which is there in the area of around 65 acres is specially designed as an Arts and Crafts village. One can get real feel that all the items which are placed in the Shilparamam are a human beings like them. The exhibitions which are of the handloom products goes on for the whole year in this place. The people from various places used to come here and exhibit their talent to the people which is a wonder and beautiful. The exhibition contains the items like clothes, paintings, toys and decorative articles and so on which are made by the people from village background are exhibited in the exhibition. In this way daily 100 stalls are arranged for the exhibition. One of the specialty of these hand crafts exhibition is almost all the items are been prepared in the Shilparamam only. There are training classes for the people who are interested in the hand crafts and traditional dances and so on.

Stage of Traditional Enjoyment

The Gotipuva is one of the famous dance which is done just with the simple moments of the eyes and body and it is the origin of Orissa which is a traditional one. The Yakshaganam which is in the form of dance and songs which contains the subject of the Maha Bharatam is not seen anywhere. In this way there are many in the list which are to be seen. One has to visit the Shilparamam to have a look at the traditional dances and occasions just by giving a break for the modern disco and pub programs and make the mind feel fresh and pleasant. One can view the traditional dances and attractive cultural programmes in the Amphi Theater for free of cost. All these are there every day on the eve of Sankranthi. One can enjoy the traditional ride by paying Rs.5 and can ride on the buffaloes for a few minutes which is very different and the habit of the village people. The boating in Shilparamam is another kind of interesting program for the tourists. There are some of the special games which are played in our childhood like Vamana Gunalu and so on is made to play by both the children and parents. The puppet show is another famous interesting show in Shilparamam.


The value of the mud is not known to any other people on this earth as known for the Indians because agriculture and cultivation id the main means of living in our country. The rural museum which is there in the Shilparamam is very beautiful and very attractive where all the images are made of mud and they appear as if they are the real human beings with life in them. All these statues resemble the life in the village and rural areas. It is one of the art gallery that is to be visited by the people in the Shilparamam.


The Feast

The people who visit Shilparamam can taste various foods which are very tasty. The traditional items like Sunni Vundalu, Pulihora, Boorelu, Bobbatlu, and Putarekulu and so on are been prepared and are kept for the sale. Besides there are the Rural Food Courts that are arranged in the Shilparamam where delicious food is been available. The rock museum which is arranged under the name of Nature Raaga and there are health centers for the people who wish to cure the diseases through nature medicines. The rock heights and the shilpa kala Vedika are the functions which are convenient for the functions. Most of the functions of the great personalities are been conducted here and by this the greatness of the place and its beauty is well known to everyone.


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