Many Buddhist places can be found in Andhra Pradesh in every corner

Many Buddhist places can be found in Andhra Pradesh in every corner | 140 Buddhist places are found in Andhra Pradesh that refer to various stages of development of Buddhism
Buddhist places
Many Bhoudha Kshetras came up in Andhra Pradesh at the beginning of Buddhism. Buddhism became popular because of the Buddhist places.  Buddhism was present in Andhra Pradesh even before Ashoka.  Buddhism was the force behind the unity of Andhra people and it has opened good opportunities for the art, creativity and philosophy of the people of Andhra Pradesh.  Many important personalities like Acharya Nagarjuna, Arya deva, Bhava vivekudu and Dignanudu resided in Andhra Pradesh.  Andhra Pradesh is the holy religious place for Mahayana Buddhists.  Many Buddhist places can be found in Andhra Pradesh from Salihundam in Srikakulam district in the east to Ramateertham in Prakasam district, Dhulikatta in Karimnagar in the west to Adapur in Cuddapah.

There is an inscription that says that a leather worker named Vidhikudu visited Amaravathi Sthupam along with his family and offered gifts.  According to Sutta pitika which is an ancient part in Tripitaka, Buddhism entered in the ‘Assaka’ kingdom which is now Nizamabad area during the time of Buddha.  A saint named ‘Basari’ who resides in an ashram on the banks of River Godavari sent his disciple to know about Buddha.  Dialogues between the disciple and Lord Buddha are mentioned in Sutta pitika.  That disciple brought Buddha’s preaches to Andhra Pradesh.  140 Buddhist places that refer various stages in the development of Buddhism are found in Andhra Pradesh.  These are much more than that found in other states of India.

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