Best and Top Amusement Parks in India ( Veega land, Wonder La, Ishanya, Essel World)

Best and Top Amusement Parks in India ( Veega land, Wonder La, Ishanya, Essel World)

There are a number of theme and amusement parks in our country. Around six crore of business is been done by these parks and every year the amount will be increased also. According to a survey and estimation there are around 150 amusement parks and theme parks and each one had its own specialty. The Snow World in Hyderabad is the first in our country and is recognized as the biggest Snow Park and there are a number of themes and Amusement Parks in the respecting cities. The details of those places are as follows:

Veega land, Cochin
The Veega land is one of the famous amusement parks in Kerala which is called as the Gods Own Country. The V- Guard Company had constructed this park in 300 feet height from the depth of the sea. There are the entertainment programs like the Blue Water Pools, Thrilling Shows and attracting Rides in this park. Going into the Specialties of the Vigaland, there is a Roller Coaster Ride which is 40 feet high and 1150 feet distance, the Water Splash Boat which is 35 feet high from where one can fall down from such a height using the Revolving Cave, 14 thousand square feet Wave Pool, advanced and latest Theater Musical Fountain and so on. In this way there are a number of specialties if we go on saying like this. The complete details are as follows:

BalaRama Cave: This works based on the computer ride. In this ride the tourists are taken in a cave which is dark where there are the devils and ghosts and the fighting’s with them which gives a thrilling experience to the tourists in this ride.

Vintage Tornado: It is a Roller Coaster which is established 40 feet high and it is a special attraction to the Vigaland. This ride not only gives enthusiasm but also gives excitement while riding. Most of the rides in the Vigaland are designed based on the water only. Vigaland is one such famous place where the tourists had to add in their tourist list if they visit Cochin.
Road (route) map of Veega Land near Cochin:

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Wonderla, Bangalore

It is really a wonder as said above, because a variety of rides are been arranged here which are not seen anywhere in the Asia. This is one of the biggest amusement parks in the country which consists of a number of rides for the tourists to have fun and entertainment. The park is in around 82 acres of land and in which there are 26 water based rides and 24 land based rides. This park is also taken over by the V- Guard company which is another specialty (The company is planning to establish the same kind of park in Hyderabad too).

Going into the details of the Wonder Law which is in between the Bangalore and Mysore highway, the India’s largest Ferries Wheel (Giant Wheel) is in this place only which is constructed in 15 floors height in 30 meters height. Another specialty of this park is most of the rides are imported from the foreign countries. Another important feature is the water which is used for the rides in the water games is Reverse Osmosis Treatment based purified water which is pure and safe for the ride. The water temperature in this park during the winter season consists of 30 degrees centigrade and for this the solar heaters are been used and are worked continuously. There are special offers announced by this park for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Though the share of the Wonder Law in our country is 7% a year the enquiries regarding this issue has been increased in the recent days. That is the reason why special arrangements are been arranged for the tourists like introducing the special companies by the Andhra Pradesh in order to reach the park for the tourists.
Road (route) map of Wonderla near Bangalore:

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Ishanya, Pune

The Ishanya Laser Show is one of the biggest design center and specialty mall for the interiors and exteriors in Pune. The first Laser and Water Works Show is been started in this mall which is in Pune, India for the first time. This laser show is designed with a concept and caption called the Success On Bad which is specially arranged for the children which consists of the Laser, Water, Animation, Film, Flames, Lightening and so on in this laser show. These kinds of shows are called as the Funtasia Shows which attract the children and are usually conducted only in the Disney Land, Santosa Island in Singapore. The emotions like action, love, fun and so on are mixed in the characters which are been displayed in the show on the screen is the specialty of this laser show.
Road (Route) map of Ishanya, Pune:

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Essel World, Mumbai
The Essel World is the biggest Water Theme Park in the country and it is the first theme park in Mumbai too. One can enjoy the beauty of the park which is 30 acres through the special ferries which are arranged by the management of the park. The tourists can enjoy around 34 thrilling rides in this Theme park. The experienced people say that summer is the best time to enjoy the beauty of the park and to visit the park. There is ice skating in this park which is very enthusiastic and exciting. It is the first Theme park in the country which consists of the ice skating. The experienced and the well experienced tourists say that it takes more than a day to know the specialties of this Theme park.
Essel World, Mumbai – Road (route) map:

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