Arrival of British to Shillong

Arrival of British to Shillong


In 19th century, British were searching for cool places unable to bear the heat of the Indian summer.  They reached Shillong and achieved supremacy over the Khasi tribes.  They planted pine, fir and other fruits trees.  They constructed buildings and named them after British.  Shillong is also called the ‘Scotland of the East’.

The influence of British on the Khasi tribe can be still felt with the number of cathedrals in the town, wood houses, the Khasi script in Roman letters and the rock music heard from every house.  Shillong is the birth place of many world famous rock musicians.  Heritage hotels which can be seen in Shillong were built by British.  Pianos, ball rooms, furniture, cutlery and fire places in the hotels remind the British culture.

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